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Check Out These Seven Awesome Rookie Groups Before the Year Ends!

By Carlo Rodriguez | December 20, 2016 09:25 PM EST


When it comes to k-pop, fans develop a particular kind of loyalty towards their idols and because of this, oftentimes fans would refuse to allow themselves to become fans of other idols and idol groups out of respect to their own current obsessions. But k-pop is like the world during the age of discovery back in the 15th to 18th century. There are just too many great things to discover and for fans out there, you won't know what you're missing out on until you try and explore.

2016 saw a lot of great debuts from new groups like BLACKPINK, I.O.I and NCT. But aside from these three groups, there are also other rookie groups that you should definitely watch out for. Now you may be tired of learning new names and memorizing new songs but these rookie groups are definitely worth the 5 minutes of your precious time.

Here are some of 2016's rookie groups that you should check out before the year ends courtesy of Soompi.


Having just debuted this December with their single "Oh Na Na," K.A.R.D is a co-ed group composed of four members. Now co-ed groups are not unheard of in the world of k-pop but they're definitely rare. Most of the time, you'd be hearing about boy or girl groups but co-ed groups are just as awesome if not more and K.A.R.D is already quickly garnering a significant following in the short time after they had debuted. Also, Allkpop reports that their music video for "Oh Na Na" had just recently reached 1 million views. Not bad for a group that had just recently debuted.


Having just debuted this October, PENTAGON consists of 10 members and all with awesome sex appeal! PENTAGON filmed a reality show called "PENTAGON Maker" before finally making their debut with their catchy and upbeat song "Gorilla."


Another recent rookie group that debuted in November, VICTON actually made their first appearance under the name Plan A Boys back in August in the reality series, "Me and 7 Men." Their first music video for their track "I'm Fine" is a whole lot of fun and excitement so you better check that out.


Debuting in October, SF9 were formed from the winners of the reality series "Dance or Band."The boys of SF9 are ultimate hard workers who possess a charismatic energy which you'll definitely find in their music and choreography. Check out the music video for their track "Fanfare."


Having debuted back in August with their track "Alright," INX exudes a strikingly mature image while also possessing incredible vocals and impressive visuals. Also, fans feel nostalgia from the group as they are quite similar to k-pop groups from six years ago.


Possessing a highly youthful and energetic image, the boys of ASTRO made their debut back in February and have also starred in their own web drama and reality series! Highly consistent, with their image, ASTRO recently came back with a new track, "Confession."


Debuting back in January, IMFACT began with a youthful vibe with their track "Lollipop." But they immediately shed their youthful and good boy image when they made their first comeback with their latest music video "Feel So Good." You can definitely notice the strong hip hop energy from their latest comeback and the fans are definitely loving it. 

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