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7 Stars Who Could've Been Part of SM

By Carlo Rodriguez | December 29, 2016 02:49 AM EST


SM Entertainment has paved the way for several of the biggest and most respected artists in the K-pop industry such as Shinhwa, BoA, Super Junior, Girls' Generation and more. While being the first among the 'Big Three' companies, that doesn't mean they hadn't let a few great talents slip from their palms.

Here are 7 artists who could've debuted under SM Entertainment courtesy of Allkpop.

Zico (BLOCK B)

Zico is probably one of the most popular names in rap today but with this being said he still had the same beginnings as most idols. Way before he was signed to Seven Seasons and before Block B was formed, Zico had auditioned for several other entertainment companies which included SM Entertainment. Sadly, Zico didn't make the cut but thankfully, with all the success he has achieved, it is clear that he didn't need the help of SM Entertainment.


Jessi has been known as a 'fierce' rapper but little did you know that she attended the same high school as Girls' Generation member Tiffany and former member Jessica Jung! Not only that, she also trained under SM Entertainment but sadly she didn't exactly like the kind of image SM wants for her so she left. She once said that she could have been a part of Girls' Generation.

Jin (BTS)

An SM recruiter had once scouted BTS's Jin on the street and offered him to train under SM Entertainment but the singer, thinking that it was a scam at the time ultimately rejected the offer. Now, Jin is a member of one of the most popular k-pop groups today and fans wouldn't have it any other way.

4.       Kim Ji Hoon

Actor Kim Ji Hoon is mostly known for the roles he had played in numerous romantic comedies but what most people don't know is that he trained under SM in order to become an idol before he entered the world of acting. In fact, he even attended the same dancing and singing classes as Yunho, Eunhyuk, Junsu and Leeteuk!

5.       Lee Hyori

This respected k-pop diva began her career as a trainee for SM Entertainment and if she had only stayed, she would've been part of the girl group S.E.S instead of Fin.K.L.

6.       Soyeon

Soyeon may be the lead vocalist of T-ara but she was formerly a trainee under SM and not only that, she was also in the final lineup for Girls' Generation. However, Soyeon backed out on the last minute which she explained was because she lacked the drive and determination. According to her, she felt empty at the thought of becoming a k-pop star and had to find herself first.

7.       G-Dragon

SM truly had an eye for talent as they were in fact the ones to discover G-Dragon himself who is now a prominent artist in the YG Family. CEO Lee So Man saw great potential and talent with the young G-Dragon and recruited him as a trainee. It is said that G-Dragon was discovered at a dance competition and he even recalled to playing on the laps of the members of Shinhwa and training beside the likes of BoA and S.E.S.

However, fate would have it that G-Dragon would find his love for rap and then transferred to YG where he was free to explore the world of hip hop. As per reports made by Koreaboo, G-Dragon just recently performed on the SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 and if you think about it, he could've been performing under SM's banner.

What are your thoughts about these artists who could've been under the SM label? 

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