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7 Famous Idols Who Could've Been Part of JYP

By Carlo Rodriguez | December 29, 2016 03:24 AM EST


JYP Entertainment is considered as one of the 'Big Three' companies in South Korea and houses several of the biggest names in K-pop such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and Miss A. However, being part of the big three also means that a lot of aspiring talents flock to them and not all of these aspirants can make it through JYP. While J.Y. Park may be great at finding talents, but it seems though he has trouble keeping them.

Here are 7 Idols that didn't make it at JYP but found immense success elsewhere, courtesy of Allkpop.


Probably one of the biggest names in Korea today, IU had auditioned for JYP Entertainment several times but each of her auditions ended in vain. Thankfully for her, she got signed to LOEN Entertainment and now her face is basically everywhere. IU is definitely one of J.Y. Park's biggest miss.

Doojoon (B2ST)

The lone male on this list, B2ST's Doojoon is said to have filmed the same reality program that formed 2AM and 2PM's original group but unfortunately, he didn't make the cut. He could've been a member of 2AM or 2PM. Fortunately for Doojoon, fate would lead him to Cube Entertainment and B2ST.

Hyorin (SISTAR)

Hyorin originally trained under JYP but it would seem that the company didn't recognize the potential in her. Hyorin would then go on to sign with Starship Entertainment and become part of the popular k-pop group SISTAR.

Hani and Junghwa (EXID)

Before becoming a part of EXID, Hani and Junghwa trained under JYP Entertainment with the former claiming she was about to debut alongside SISTAR's Hyorin, SECRET's Ji Eun and BESTie's Uji but was then sacked from the agency. Junghwa too had been kicked out but fortunately for them, EXID would go on to achieve immense success and fame.


Ji Eun was supposed to debut with Hyorin, Hani and Uji in a girl group called 'Little Big Mama' but it wasn't meant to be and she had to debut with a different group and label instead.

ChoA (AOA)

AOA's ChoA had auditioned for several talent agencies including SM and JYP. However, it was FNC who recognized her talent and there, she debuted as a member of AOA, one of the most popular names in k-pop today.

CL (2NE1)

Now, if you think about how ridiculous it is for JYP to let go of such a great talent that is Lee Chaerin, you are not alone because until now, the reason for letting her go is still one of the biggest mysteries of the company, as stated by Jo Kwon in an episode of 'Radio Star.' CL would go on to sign with YG Entertainment, forming one of the most iconic and successful k-pop groups of all time and while 2NE1 has disbanded, CL is still heavily strong in the game and is considered as one of the queens of k-pop. She had just wrapped up her North American tour and Koreaboo had recently reported that the singer-rapper performed in the SBS Gayo Daejun 2016 in a collaborative performance with G-Dragon.

What do you think about the artists that JYP let slip from their grasps? Comment down below.

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