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Iron Indicted For Violent Assault: Korean Rapper Claims He Is Innocent

By AV | March 16, 2017 08:34 AM EDT


Iron was reportedly indicted without detention for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend while having sexual intercourse. The Korean rapper claims he is innocent. He admitted to striking his girlfriend but added it was done according to her request. He argues that she is a masochist.

Iron is also accused of punching the victim a few weeks later at the same location when she apparently said that she wanted to break up with him. According to prosecutors, the victim was bruised and suffered a fracture in the process, the KoreanTimes reported. He then purportedly stabbed himself in the thigh.

Prosecutors said he injured himself in the thigh with a knife he took from the kitchen. Iron reportedly also threatened to accuse his girlfriend of inflicting the injury if she reported his violence to police. However, during a newspaper interview, he reportedly claimed that he was being falsely accused.

Rapper Iron, accordingly, will now tell his side of the story after his recent arrest. Based on the Seoul Central Police statement, Iron assaulted his girlfriend several times, Allkpop reported. Allegedly, on Mar. 14, the rapper told a completely different story. "I want to tell my side of the story accurately because only what the other side alleged, which is untrue, made headlines," Iron reportedly stated.

Iron said that he and his girlfriend first met in a photo shoot for an album jacket. He said that he was shocked to know that she was a masochist. Accordingly, she always demanded that he should treat her violently because he says that this is the only way for her to be satisfied. He further added that it was never a physical assault, but rather a self-defense against her ruthless cravings.

Iron further added that he was deeply petrified of her despite finding out that she has another boyfriend. He said that he neither harshly assaulted her nor threatened her. "I am a person with a lot of flaws, but I have not caused harm to others or hurt them because of my wants," Iron reportedly said.

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