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Shin Min Ah Gives Strong Gaze With Short Hair For The Cover Of Fashion Magazine 'Elle' Korea and Hong Kong

By Siti Fatimah | March 17, 2017 11:49 AM EDT


Shin Min Ah is a talented actress to pull off any character given with perfect acting. Having a great success with "Oh My Venus" paired with So Ji Sub, she made a hot topic to reveal her relationship with Kim Woo Bin. Recently, she was chosen for the cover of "Elle," looking fabulous as ever.

As reported by AllKpop, Shin Min Ah was featured for the cover of fashion magazine "Elle." She had short hair as seen in "Tomorrow with You" in tvN. She could pull off chic look with her short hair. Having zigzag line to divide her hair in the middle, she could show a strong yet sexy gaze. It was reported that she did the photo shoot really well because she did many poses and made sure everything was perfect.

Having the shoot with beautiful dress with black thighs combined with yellow shoes, she could nail the shoot really well. This Kim Woo Bin's girlfriend will be featured for the cover of "Elle" Korea and Hong Kong at the same time. For fans who want to know more about Shin Min Ah through interview, they can read it on the magazine published on March 20.

Shin Min Ah's new drama "Tomorrow with You" seems to not get success as the previous drama "Oh My Venus." The rating was quite disappointing. As reported by Wiki, the first episode got only 3.9%. The rating kept on decreasing and for episode 12, it got only 1.5%. It was such a drop compared to Shin Min Ah's previous drama. Also, this new drama replaced "Goblin" in tvN. Since "Goblin" got high ratings, people expected more for this new drama. Yet, people seemed to choose another TV channel.

Shin Min Ah's new drama might be not really successful as expected but she always shows professionalism in working. You can see it especially when she had photo shoot for "Elle." Fans will be able to catch up with Shin Min Ah's recent update soon through the magazine.

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