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'The Age of Shadows': What You Might Have Missed

By Stem A Sparks | April 02, 2017 10:32 AM EDT


"One of your people on this train is a rat." This is one unforgettable line. Spectators will. no doubt, go breathless as this action-packed extravagantly made film, "The Age of Shadows", takes over the theaters this year.

From the world-renowned director of "A Bittersweet Life," "The Good The Bad and The Weird" and "I Saw the Devil," this fantastically pieced espionage thriller by Kim Jee-woon will definitely leave its viewers wanting for more with its intricately detailed scenes, invigorating suspense-filled shots, and actors that will transport you back to the 20th century as reported by The Guardian.

Inspired by true to life events, the story centers on the happenings in Korea back in the 1920's when it was still under the Japanese regime. It focuses on the story of a man named Lee-Jung Chool (played by well-known actor Song Kang-ho, who starred in several iconic movies from "Memories of Murder" to "Snowpiercer"), who is torn between the love for his country and service for his worn uniform.

As seen in the trailer, his loyalty to the Japanese government waivers as he reminisces his childhood links to the insurgents, specifically Kim Woo-jin, who is the leader of the resistance fighters. However, as the plot progresses, his service for the Japs still runs through him as he infiltrates the rebels to buy explosives from the Europeans. Intel begins to leak on both sides, but both the Koreans and the Japs are puzzled as to who this informant is. Could it be Lee-Jung Chool? His stand between the divides continues to remain uncertain.

The said movie develops into a three-character piece. Aside from the aforementioned character, Kim Woo-Jin portrayed by Gong Yoo (recently seen in the box-office movie "Train to Busan") and the Japanese agent Hashimoto portrayed by Um Tae-Go, who also played a big part in the movie as stated on Rogerebert.

"The Age of Shadows" is anticipated to be a piece of chef d'oeuvre as Kim Jee-woon was left to take over the filming. Expect for nothing less as the movie will certainly be filled with train chasing scenes, violent acts, and meticulously choreographed shootouts with Hollywood-like establishing shots that will allow onlookers to indulge in the great cinematic experience. This impressively crafted film with in-depth narratives will absolutely give its audience a run for their money. Kim truly knows how to leave a huge bang when it comes to these kinds of films.

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