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The Mystery Of Cube Entertainment's New 'Triple H' Image; Collaboration Of Big K-Pop Artists Possible?

By Staff Writer | April 05, 2017 07:11 AM EDT


Cube Entertainment tries its best to be the top management company in Korea, as it has just sparked the people's curiosity with its new "Triple H" image. Just recently, Cube Entertainment started its own countdown in a very surprising and unexpected way. And with it, it has finally been revealed to be all about the "Triple H".

All of the buzz started last week when the music label made the minds of its fans swirl as it started a surprising countdown out of nowhere. It was all about a counting down to something that will happen in D-3. And because of it, fans went curious and continued to speculate on what it was really all about.

According to All K-pop, Cube Entertainment has finally revealed what it was all about, with the help of a Triple H photo. It was also a moniker of a very popular wrestler, making it a really cool image that answers a lot of questions.

But then again, the "Triple H" photo was not enough to answer all of the questions of the fans, as it didn't reveal anything which is of note. However, there are those that speculate and think of the "Triple H" photo to be pointing to the possible collaboration of the finest K-pop stars.

Reports suggest that it might showcase the collaboration between Hui, Hyojong from Pentagon and HyunA. If ever this speculation and theory are proven to be true, then it would surely be a big collaboration as three artists to collaborate for a record or music project is rare.

There are also reports that claim that the "Triple H" photo is really all about counting down for the comeback of Hyunseung. Surely, this countdown is really up to something huge and fans are excited to know more about it.

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