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Triple H's MV

HyunA Speaks About The Controvery Surrounding Triple H's '365 FRESH' MV on 'Section TV'

05.09.17 | 10:11AM EDT

HyunA and Triple H members appeared on MBC's "Section TV" episode on Sunday and spoke about the controversies surround their latest MV "365 FRESH".


HyunA Reveals Having A Collection of Cozy Pajamas on 'Lipstick Prince 2'

Buzz 05.09.17 | 10:55AM EDT

HyunA and co-Triple H member E-Dawn recently appeared on "Lipstick Prince 2" and revealed her collection of fancy, cozy pajamas!

HyunA's Triple H Comeback: Everything You Need to Know

HyunA's Triple H Comeback: Everything You Need to Know

Hot Issues 05.08.17 | 07:47AM EDT

HyunA is in for a comeback with Triple H. Continue to read on if you want to know more about it.

Triple H's MV

Triple H’s ‘365 Fresh’ Music Video Has Netizens Concerned For Impacts On The Younger Audience

Trending News 05.03.17 | 11:46AM EDT

HyunA, Hui, and E'Dawn depicted troubled youngsters running away from their problems with a series of actions people may think as inappropriate. Yet, "365 Fresh" MV has been watch for over 2 million times since it was released on April 30.

Triple H's new song MV

Controversy Of Triple H's Debut Song MV's '365 Fresh' For Its Adult Content

Hot Issues 05.02.17 | 10:12PM EDT

The MV of Triple H's song "365 Fresh" has been released and it got critique a lot for its adult content. Check it out here!

HyunA On Her Sexy Image

HyunA Feels Comfortable With Her Sexy Image

Interviews 04.27.17 | 05:56AM EDT

Hyuna opens up about exposing skin and sexy image on a new variety show "Triple H Detective Agency".

HyunA for Cosmopolitan Korea

HyunA Pose for Cosmopolitan's May Issue, Shares A Bit of Her Beauty Secret: HyunA Joins Co-Ed Group 'Triple H'

Fashion & Style 04.20.17 | 05:22AM EDT

Hyuna posed for Cosmopolitan Korea's May issue and share a bit of her beauty secrets.

What Cube Entertainment's New 'Triple H' Image Means

The Mystery Of Cube Entertainment's New 'Triple H' Image; Collaboration Of Big K-Pop Artists Possible?

Trending News 04.05.17 | 07:11AM EDT

Cube Entertainment is once again leading the K-pop popularity contest as it has just sparked curiosity with its new "Triple H" image.

The Rock Injury

The Rock Goes Back To The WWE Stage, Going Back to Wrestling Permanently?

Trending News 06.29.15 | 08:56PM EDT

The Rock came back to the World Wrestling Entertainment on Saturday much to the surprise of his fans in Boston.


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