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Youtubers React To BgA's Parody Video 'Who's It Gonna Be' And Were Surprisingly Impressed With The MV

By Angie Chui | April 10, 2017 05:56 AM EDT


Many K-pop fans were surprised when K-pop parody group BgA or Boys Generally Asian suddenly became #1 on Korean music charts and in an instant, everybody wanted to know about the parody group that debuted last year with a song called "Dong Saya Dae" or "I Need to Take a Sh*t". it came naturally that youtube channel FOMO Daily would receive tons of requests from fans to react to BgA'a latest video "Who's It Gonna Be?"

While the Americans were prepared for hilarity because of BgA's indentity as a parody group, the reviewers were pleasantly surprised by many positive things they saw in the video. The reviewers said that in terms of production value, the music video could really pass for a legitimate K-pop group.

They also thought that BgA got a lot of things right in the K-pop trope like the outfits and the hairstyles. Mostly, they said that the message of "Who's It Gonna Be?" actually reflects the experience of many boy bands and not just K-pop groups. Americans also praised the song for sounding like an actual K-pop song.

Americans were not the only ones who reacted to the "Who's It Gonna Be?" music video which has so far reached over 7 million views in just two weeks. Korean youtubers Hoontamin also heeded their subscribers' request and reacted to the video.

Hoontamin was already familiar with BgA since they did a review of their first single "Dong Saya Dae" last year. They were prepared for another parody video that made no sense but they were impressed this time around by the quality of the lyrics and the melody.

According to the duo, not only did BgA showcase their singing talent in the "Who's It Gonna Be?" music video, they also showed excellent pronounciation for both the English and Korean parts of the song. They said that the song was catchy and echoed the Americans' sentiments that the song could pass for a legitimate K-pop song. They said the boys really performed like real idols in the video except for the conscious effort to poke fun at themselves.

Aside from climbing to the top of the charts in Korea, BgA's second single "Who's It Gonna Be" also made it to #3 of Billboard's World Digital Song Chart. It was the first time the group made it to the Billboard chart, reported kpopstarz.

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