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‘Mr. House Husband’: U-KISS Eli’s Wife Shared Shocking Confessions About Her Marriage & Pregnancy

By Inami | April 07, 2017 04:58 AM EDT


U-KISS Eli had shocked everyone after revealing he has been married for over a year back in 2015. A lot of people, including his bandmates at U-KISS, approved his decision to marry at first that made him suffer a lot for hiding his marriage for a pretty long time. Now his wife has spoken up to reveal what it feels like having her marriage with Eli hidden.

On the recent episode of KBS2's "Mr. House Husband", Eli and his wife reveal their hardship when they finally unveiled their secret marriage back in December 2015. Eli's wife couldn't help to hold back her tears as she recalls the struggle to keep her marriage life with Eli a secret just so it wouldn't harm his husband's reputation as an idol. According to Soompi, she's even willing to risk her pregnancy by avoiding a visit to obstetrician despite her serious health issue during pregnancy.

Eli has also been feeling guilty for keeping his wife and son's life in this difficult situation. However, he's still thankful for the greatest gift God has sent him through his wife and son saying that if it wasn't for his son, he probably wouldn't be able to bear with the life.

The couple had been challenged with disapproval from their closest ones. Eli's bandmates at U-KISS also shared that they were kind of disappointed when Eli decided to get married right when U-KISS was in the middle of a really productive project.

Eli and his wife have been married for 4 years now. The couple welcomed their first son, Min Soo, on June 7, 2016. After being together for years, Eli and his wife will finally hold their wedding ceremony. On another episode of "Mr. House Husband" aired on March 22, Eli and his wife flew to Washington D.C. to visit his family.

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