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Top Three Of Best Double Speed Dance By Idol Groups Chosen By 'Weekly Idol'

By Siti Fatimah | April 27, 2017 05:43 PM EDT


"Weekly Idol" is known to ask the guest to perform two times speed of their dance. Many idols are struggling to do the dance in double speed. Surprisingly, many idols can do the challenge really well. Recently, the MC chose top three of the groups who did the double speed dance really well.

"Weekly Idol" has just celebrated its 300th episode. They chose the best groups who did double speed dance for this special occasion. Among many boy and girl groups, the groups chosen were GOT7 with "If You Do," INFINITE's "Be Mine," and "G-Friend's "Rough."

Doing double speed dance is not easy at all. Many groups were out of breath when they did the challenge by the MC. The two MCs of the show are Defconn and Jeong Hyeong-don. They are also known as Doni and Coni. When Hyeong-don was sick, Hani and Heechul were helping MCing together with Deffcon.

Both Doni and Coni are known for making the guests to do some challenge. This show purposes to introduce viewers about some groups or promote the group's new song. Thus, even though the artists have to do many challenges, they enjoy their time in this show.

It has already the 300th episode since the show first aired. In celebrating its 300th episode, former MCs and former regular members were also invited to the show, AllKpop reported. They have made the show become more interesting to watch. In this episode, the former regular members took the role of Mcing and the fixed MCs had to do the challenge as guests.

Besides inviting former members and MCs, the show also donated money for celebrating its 300th episode. "Weekly Idol" has brought laughter to anyone and fans can enjoy the show while watching their idols. Doni and Coni will always ask guests to do difficult challenge but it is really fun to watch.

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