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YG Entertainment Denied That Park Bom Signed Under The Black Label After Knowing The Statement From Her

By Siti Fatimah | May 01, 2017 07:26 PM EDT


Park Bom is full of controversy with her statement recently. She just said that she was under The Black Label but YG stated that Park Bom wasn't part of it. Netizens are left confused.

It all started on Apr. 30 when a fan tweeted Park Bom didn't renew her contract with YG Entertainment but got signed with Black Label, AllKpop reported. Black Label is a sub label from YG Entertainment where Teddy and Kush are in charge. Knowing that fans are happy that she is still under YG Entertainment.

When fans asked Park Bom whether she would make a solo album, she answered it by asking fans to ask YG and Teddy to give her a new album. Thus, fans are sure that Park Bom has signed under Black Label.

But, after the statement from Park Bom, YG Entertainment denied it saying Park Bom didn't sign with The Black Label, AllKpop reported. If it is a misunderstanding, then it is a very big misunderstanding. People are wondering why Park Bom said that. And for YG Entertainment, it seems that they will not make a false statement about their artist.

While there is no further explanation, people need to wait for the truth behind all of it. Meanwhile, Park Bom seems to have no activity yet after the disbandment of 2NE1. Minzy left the group and YG Entertainment and she has done solo. CL also focuses on her solo career and Dara seems to have more jobs in acting.

Park Bom was under controversy after she was known using a drug. She was accused of attempting smuggling the drugs. But it was actually a drug prescribed by the doctor, DramaFever reported. She has been having a hard time after that. Moreover, it was added with Minzy leaving the group.

Thankfully, Park Bom was looking happy recently giving her support for Minzy's solo debut. Many people might be questioning Park Bom's statement but they need to wait for her clarification first about that.

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