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Mino of WINNER Received His First Kiss In 7th Grade? Mino Shares His 'First Kiss' Story on 'Secret Training Variety Show'

By Eddwyn A. | May 09, 2017 10:50 AM EDT


WINNER's Mino recently appeared on MBC's "Secret Training Variety Show." During the episode, Mino shared the story of his "first kiss."

As reported by Koreaboo, WINNER's Mino revealed that his "first kiss" was actually stolen by his senior in middle school. This was because he suddenly became popular when he entered middle school.

According to the WINNER member, the senior first approached him and asked if they could go outside. However, when they were going down the stairs, the senior stopped and told him "You're pretty alright."

Mino then explained how the senior quickly leaned onto him and gave him his first kiss ever. "I experienced a sudden kiss on the stairs," said the WINNER member.

Upon hearing Mino's "first kiss" story, the cast of the MBV idol entertainment program was speechless. Apparently, among the cast, Mino was the earliest one who had the first kiss as shown by the subtitles on the show.

In other news, WINNER's Mino appeared last month on an episode of MBC's "Radio Star." As previously reported by KpopStarz, the WINNER member revealed his worries over his thinning hair.

Super Junior member and "Radio Star" host Kyuhyun revealed that he once grabbed Mino's hair during in a show. Mino then revealed his worries on his hair.

According to Mino himself, he has noticed that his hair was actually thinning out. He explained that he naturally has thin hair, except recently.

Mino has this habit of constantly wearing caps. Mino thinks that this might be the reason why his hair is actually thinning out.

Similarly, Mino added how his father also noticed his thinning hair. According to Mino, his father bought him something that could help his son's problem.

Mino's father reportedly bought an apparatus that looked like a helmet. The helmet itself has a laser that induces hair laser therapy to aid balding in men.

Mino, however, did not use the apparatus his father bought. The WINNER member found the "helmet" apparatus humiliating and has never used it even once.

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