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Netizens Were Upset For The Rice Wreaths Sent Only For NU'EST Members On 'Produce 101' Season Two

By Siti Fatimah | June 01, 2017 01:20 PM EDT


NU'EST members just received rice wreaths from their intranational fans on "Produce 101" season two. But it drove many different comments from the show comments because the international fans only sent rice wreath to NU'EST members only.

Previously, some fans of "Produce 101" season two have shown their disappointment to four of NU'EST members joining the competition because they have debuted already. Moreover, the group has a really big fanbase and it is not fair for other trainees.

When fans noticed that NU'EST members received rice wreaths from international fans, they were more upset because there was Aron's picture in it. Aron is one of NU'EST members who doesn't join the show and netizens were mad that fans put his picture. He doesn't participate at all on the show and it must be really upsetting for other trainees outside NU'EST members on "Produce 101" season two, AllKpop reported.

Some netizens were really upset to see what NU'EST fans did and they commented that "Produce 101" season two was like NU'EST members trying to find more members. Regarding the issue, there is no official statement both from NU'EST members of Pledis Entertainment.

NU'EST members joined "Produce 101" season two becayse they felt that song in music charts were really bad and they were not that successful. They wanted to use the show as their second chance and they wanted to be like Nayoung or Pinky who could be in two different groups, Soompi reported.

When the four members came up on the first episode, Kahi was in tears because she didn't expect that NU'EST would join the show when they have debuted for five years. Yet, she understood their feelings because they really wanted to perform on stage.

After the members joined the show, some of NU'EST's old albums climbed up on music charts and it was a good news for the group. But, some netizens wasn't really happy because the group was like using the show to increase their popularity.

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