Korea's Gay Culture - Things You May Not Know Exist

Whether you like it or not, Gay people do exist - even in Korea. Korea has known to be very anti-gay due to their high religious standards, even to the point where they believe homosexuality doesn't even exist! However, this post will surprise you with just how much Gay culture there really is hidden in Korea!

Gay Dating Apps

Just like in America, Korea has 'em! With the exception of some being blocked on the app store due to child protection laws, gay men and women secretly date using these apps to meet up.

Homo Hill

If you're looking to experience a night of Gay Clubs & Drag Queens then you must visit Itaewon! Being home to a majority of Korea's extreme night life and gay culture, many foreigners visit Itaewon before heading anywhere else.

Gay Sauna

If you're looking for something a little more wild, check out Korea's Gay saunas. They actually aren't that hard to identify as the places usually keep little rainbow stickers by the front entrance. Just beware the pool area, many people wait there to get lucky!

Pride Groups

The LGBTQIA+ community in Korea maybe small, but they are filled with love and pride! One example is the ‘Parents of LGBT Children’ group! They attend pride and hug all the children letting them know they are loved. You can see the touching video here.

Gay Meetups

Looking to make more friends and join in on some fun activities? There are many online groups that hold group events at cafes and clubs that are all about enjoying your pride with friends!



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