Classic Must-Try Street Food In Korea


Korea is known for many things - not just K-Pop! With so many worthwhile sights to see, there are other amazing things to try as well. Check out some of the amazing street food you should eat when traveling around Seoul!

Spicy Rice Cakes

Being a big representative of Korean street food, ddeokbboki, aka spicy rice cakes, are a staple of Korean food and can be found on every corner like a Starbucks in Manhattan.

Fish Cakes

Looking for something savory and filling? Fish cakes are the go-to food of the streets! This soupy snack is perfect for a trip to Busan.

Fish Bread

Bbungobbang, or sweet fish bread, is a delicious dessert that is filled with chocolate, custard, and red beans!

Sweet Potato

Whether it is a sweet potato-filled bread, sweet potato chips are a whole baked potatoes, these are a winter favorite and can be found everywhere!


You will find many grannies roasting chestnuts over an open fire - even if it isn't Christmas!

Fried Squid

Ojingo, aka fried squid, is another delicacy that is easy to pick up and snack on as you browse the shops in Hongdae.


Kimbap is definitely a homey food, but it also makes for a great snack when you're on the go! That's why you can find it at almost any vendor - especially if they are selling spicy rice cakes.


Filled-breads are a favorite among Koreans. Hoddeok is a chewy and doughy dessert usually filled with various nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon.



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