BuzzFeed Releases Article Praising BlackPink & BoA?

Recently, BuzzFeed is pandering to us K-Pop fans by praising some of the most talented singers in K-Pop! BoA and Black Pink were given a head-nod of approval on one of their recent listicles and fans can't stop expressing their joy over it.

An article by the name of "34 Songs That Would Have Been Huge Hits But Americans Have No Taste" was released on June 30th. The list discusses songs that should be popular and that American audiences are simply missing out on - with K-Pop songs being featured on the list twice.

Black Pink's epic release "Playing With Fire" and BoA's classic oldie but a goodie "Eat You Up" was featured on the list with nothing but good commentary from the writer. The list also highlighted other foreign artists as well.

Black Pink was offered some witty commentary, with K-Pop fans agreeing and stating that Black Pink are taking over media platforms by storm despite being a rookie group.

BoA was given props for her classic song and fans also agreed her killer choreography also helped make this song a huge success. However, there is some irony that this song did debut in the U.S.A yet the American mainstream audience wasn't really going for it.

What do you think about this topic and who would you add to this list? Let us know down below! Check out the article for yourself here!



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