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Monsta X's Hyungwon Is Suspected of Dating This Person

By Chaeil Lee | August 07, 2017 06:57 PM EDT


Monsta X's Hyungwon is drawing attention to himself as fans have been speculating that he has been in a secret relationship and have found proof to back up their claims. 

Hyungwon has been suspected of dating an announcer named Kim Yoon Hee. However, fans are assuming they two have been dating and meeting for over 4 years!

The evidence compiled has left netizens shocked yet believing the claims. Exhibit A  is Kim Yoon Hee's Facebook post shared on February 20, 2014. She wrote, "I'm graduating from Sungshin Women's University. Congratulations to my classmates and I appreciate my family, Yoon Sun, Hyungwon, and Hyun Woo who've all came for me." 

Kim Yoon Hee also received a gift once and posted a photo of a gift with this caption, "Be good to me. I miss you'', on the box. It's claimed the handwriting on the box is the handwriting of Hyungwon.  

She also posted a photo with a caption of Hyungwon's nickname 'Manjjitnam' which means "A handsome man that is like a cartoon."

The next evidence compiled is a real no-brainer. 

She posted a photo of her dog with the name 'Mon Bebe' which is the fandom of Monsta X!

However, Kim Yoon Hee responded to the claims via social media stating, "I've been living quietly for the past 4 years so I'm not sure what you guys mean for me to be even quieter and stop showing signs... Also, unfortunately, nothings going to change even if you look at my Instagram and send me messages." She added, "Work is work and personal life is personal life. I can't answer questions about my personal matters but you guys just do what you guys want and ask personal questions and that's also making me want to do whatever I want." 

What do you think of all this evidence? Fact or just rumors? Stay tuned for more updates.

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