Violence Breaks Out In Korean School - This Idol Comments How To Punish Them Properly

Unfortunately, when it comes to school across the globe, bullying is a common occurrence. Although it is unavoidable, it seems South Korea is one of the top countries with a high rate in bullying issues.

In recent news, girls who attended school in Busan were caught on CCTV bullying and harassing another female student from another school. However, it wasn't just simple name calling and teasing, the bullying lead to a violent altercation in which the bullies assaulted the young girl. You can view the disturbing footage down below.

Reports stated that the bullies were seen "beating the victim with a chair, metal pipe, and alcohol bottles and burning her with cigarettes. The attack lasted 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the 14-year-old victim was discovered completely bloody and unconscious by a woman passing by."

The group of girls also uploaded photos of the bloody and beaten victim to their SNS chat rooms and shared it among classmates. The girls are reportedly freshmen in high school between the ages of 13 and 14. The girls are currently being reprimanded and undergoing a punishment but their minor consequences triggered an issue with K-Pop idol Chansung of 2PM.

Chansung stated on his personal SNS, "You can't possibly act like this as a human being. I understand there are laws protecting minors since they're young and not able to make proper judgments. However, when they're given weaker punishments as a result, they fail to understand the repercussions of their crime." 

He added, "Reflection can only happen when you realize exactly what you did wrong, and I doubt these students even know what they've done."  What do you think of the violent crime committed and Chansung's honest thoughts on their punishment? Stay tuned for more updates.



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