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Are Koreans Afraid To Visit America Because of Extreme Violence? Koreans Voice Opinions On Shootings

By Edward Leary | October 02, 2017 10:28 PM EDT


Unfortunately, America has been suffering from a lot of turmoil in 2017, especially when it comes to gun control and mass shooting/terrorist attacks. The shocking news of America's current safety status is spreading overseas and causing Koreans to voice their opinion on how they feel about America and its difficult situations.

After the horrific events of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada during a concert on the night of October 1st, U.S citizens alongside foreigners are trembling with fear in their hearts over the situation. While many have posted to Korean SNS and social boards with their opinions, a moving, and informative, video was released regarding the issue as well not too long ago regarding a previous shooting which you can view below.

On various websites, netizens had posted the following comments in regards to the recent shooting in Las Vegas.

"If our country didn't have gun control then more devastating disasters probably would've happened several times..." "But they will not do anything on gun control even after this crisis. No matter if shootings occur, again and again, the U.S. government will be lobbied by the arms industry. It's funny. And Trump is there saying he's blocking the entrance to U.S. in order to protect the citizens? hahaha," "Only the innocent people were damaged by this. Fighting.."

"The person with the title President was tweeting words of encouragement in midst of all this... Of course, he'll engage in various interviews, etc but I don't know. What is up with the social media, you know?" "The shooter was probably a Trump supporter." "He turned it into a sea of hell in just a moment. He's no other than the devil. He'll never be forgiven even after death. It's so unfortunate such (shooting) incidents are re-occuring," and "I saw the videos and it was horrible and so scary. It seems like a lot of people were injured or even died. Condolences to the victims." What do you think of this disturbing situation in the U.S? Share your thoughts and prays in the comments. Thank you.

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