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Why Are Fans Petitioning Hit Boy Group Wanna One?

By Sumi | October 04, 2017 09:08 PM EDT


Why do all good things come to an end? That is something many fans had to ask themselves after 'Produce IOI's' first K-Pop group creation IOI had to step down from the stage. However, the huge fandom of Wanna One are making it so that the boys will never have to step off the stage again by petitioning against their disbandment.

The boy group, who are actually succeeding beyond their predecessors in both viewership and endorsement deals, have paved quite a road of fame for themselves and have become more of an icon than IOI! Keeping that realness in mind, it isn't much of a shock that the fangirls don't want the boys to go! On October 4th, the fangirls used their fan power to ultimately create a petition against the inevitable disbandment.

Despite their contracts coming to an end next years, fans joined together with a mission to collect over 250,000 signatures for the boy group. They currently rounded up 22.6K so far! However, reports stated that there are some anti-fans who have undermined the attempt at stopping their disbandment by leaving malicious comments on the post. 

"Do they really think that's possible? Why are their fans so crazy? They have no thoughts. Honestly, their fandom is already divided by each of the 11 members. What do you mean no disbandment? And it's already in the contract to disband so why are they even trying", "Please stop... That's impossible." How do you feel about this petition? Sign me up or a waste of time? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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