A Fancam of G-Friend's Yerin Performing While Clutching Her Stomach In Pain Is Going Viral After Being Diagnosed With Appendicitis

Unfortunately, back in September of this year, G-Friend's Yerin was diagnosed with having appendicitis. Now, a video of the performance showing Yerin in pain before she had gone to the hospital that day in order to discover the problem is circulating rapidly among fans and netizens!

As you can see in the video, Yerin is seen dancing on stage alongside her members to their new song "Love Whisper" on September 24th at the SBS 'Super Concert' but was captured clutching her stomach and showcasing expressions of pain while trying to maintain her composure and professionalism on stage. After the performance, Yerin was immediately escorted to the hospital for examination and rest when they discovered her illness.

Many fans continued to comment saying how unfortunate G-Friend is when it comes to stage incidents (from the unforgettably infamous rain stage to the recent one that left one member bleeding down their leg during a live stage of "Love Whisper"). Fans asked the group to be more careful and for Yerin to simply recover properly.

Despite the pain she was in perviously, Yerin is currently active and promoting alongside the rest of G-Friend for their new repackaged album 'Rainbow.' BUDDIES (the G-Friend fandom) still send their regards to Yerin and hope she can rest longer. On the video, various comments expressed sadness among fans after seeing her struggling on stage. Let's hope Yerin will continue to perform properly with no further problems.



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