Where is 2ne1?

By Staff Reporter | April 15, 2019 09:58 PM EDT


Who would have forget about 2ne1? 2ne1 is a South Korean girl group consist of four members namely CL, Dara, Park Bom and Minzy. They debuted year 2006 with their hit single "Fire" and "I Don't Care" which made a huge wave in the music industry no only locally but all over the world.

Known all over the world as the Korean version of the Spice Girls, they dominated the world until 2016 when the YG Entertainment announced that the contract with the group is over.

They continue making a buzz songs after songs and received awards left and right. 2ne1 is considered as the most successful South Korean girl group who sold over 27 million digital copies to download.

Some of the girl's awards are "Best Female Singer" at Style Icon Awards for the year 2010, "Artist of the Year", "Best Music of the Year" and "Album of the year" to name a few.

The reason for the groups disbandment was still a blur for all of their fans but as per the YG Entertainment, the four girls decided to focus more on their solo careers with CL aggressively pursuing her solo debut with the US Activities, Dara is being praised for her acting career and Minzy was not able to continue with the group because she signed with Music Works and later on released her solo debut, "Minzy Work 01 Uno" one year after her departure with 2ne1.

Park Bom on the other hand experienced being the media's center of attention as the rumor of her abusing drugs revealed publicly. Although she is not prosecuted for the drugs were told to be used for medical purposes still, the fans didn't accept that reason.

3 years after the girl group's disbandment, many are wondering what happened to them and where are the now?

Dara is focusing more on her acting and hosting career both in South Korea and in the Philippines. CL on the other hand is being assisted by the YG Entertainment to debut as a solo artist. Minzy is currently signed in with a new music producer, The Music Works Entertainment and Park Bom is also working on some songs to debut as a solo artist.

Although 2ne1 is no longer a group, it seems like the group's love for passion and the entertainment industry is still in their heart. We wish for nothing but the best in their solo career. We still hope to one day see them all together in the stage and make the whole crowd go crazy again. 


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