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Fans are freaking out Because of Taeyeon and Her Uncanny Resemblance with a Boy Group Member!

By Staff Reporter | June 05, 2019 09:17 AM EDT

(Photo : twitter)

Kim Taeyeon, a member of a highly-acclaimed girl group called Girls' Generation, had a candid picture of her taken by a fan. However, when the picture was posted on Twitter, almost mistook her for a member of a boy band called IKON. Most people claimed she looked a lot like Bobby. Take a look!

The petite and short member of Girls' Generation was always known for wearing casual and comfortable clothes. She did not really care whether fans would pay attention. This time, she wore a gray, loose top, a black cap, white sneakers and ripped jeans. However, her outfit was not the main point, but her face. Her facial expression was mistaken for Bobby, and fans could not help but become amused. Their resemblance can pass off as siblings, mostly tweeted.

Taeyeon was shot, looking on the floor and mumbling something. This picture made rounds on the Twitter-sphere, earning likes from one tweet to another. One fan started the discussion innocently, exclaiming that if it wasn't for looking keenly, then Taeyeon would be mistaken as Bobby in one glance only. Some fans jokingly tweeted that she must be Bobby's lost twin or sister from another mother.

Most fangirls of Bobby were squealing upon seeing the picture, saying that the soloist looked a lot like him. Some shared that Taeyeon has manly features that could pass off as a man, which was the thought that most fans of her claim. K-pop fans that just started also remarked that they did not know the famous leader of Girls' Generation right away, but upon taking a second gaze on the picture, they knew it was her off the bat.

Kim Taeyeon is a part of Girls' Generation who is dubbed as Asia's number one girl group. They debuted in the year of 2007 with their first song called 'Into the New World' which is now played mostly in very important gatherings. She also debuted in the subunit of Girls' Generation. They are popularly known as TaeTiSeo.

She debuted together with Seohyun, their maknae, and Tiffany. Kim Ji-Won, also known as Bobby, is a member of the boy band called IKON managed by YG entertainment. They debuted in the year 2015 with an album titled 'Welcome Back'. Their first album was released in two parts. Their genre is mostly influenced by Hip Hop.


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