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NCT 127 Changed their Hair Colors, and NCTzens are Loving It

By Staff Reporter | June 11, 2019 01:21 PM EDT


NCT citizens were surprised with the new hair colors of most of the members of NCT 127 during their arrival at Los Angeles International Airport. Supposedly, the members were expected to visit Los Angeles due to their guesting on WAZZMATAZZ show with some notable artists such as Halsey and Ellie Goulding.

As NCT just released their recent comeback, We Are Superhuman, last May 24, they were having hectic schedules because of traveling in different countries to promote it. Fortunately, Superhuman received a lot of praise and compliments from their fans (and even non-fans) that it made a debut at No. 1 on World Album Chart and No. 11 at Billboard 200.

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Once they arrived at the LAX Airport, the photos of the NCT members rapidly spread and became trending over the different social networking sites, which received a lot of positive feedbacks because the members looked good with their new hair colors.

In this situation, it is already expected that even if they all look good with those new hairstyles, there will still be outstanding members that captured the hearts of many NCT citizens and one of these members is Mark Lee, since the fans missed his dark hair after becoming bleached-blonde for a few months.


Photo of Mark Lee arriving at LAX     Photo of Mark Lee slaying his black hair

Aside from Mark, the unique and vivid color of Jaehyun's purple hair shocked a lot of fans since he still opts to have a light and lively type of hair color after having a light "peach-coral-and-pink type of hair". Nevertheless, the fans still showed some love and admiration, and that is what a true NCTzen is for, right?


Seeing the visual of NCT 127 with this type of hair, it has been concluded that he is indeed the "King of Light Hair Colors"!

Another NCT member that made their fans whipped over him is none other than Doyoung because ever since he debuted, he always maintained a dark hair color. However, everything has changed now because of the Doyoung we know before already has blue hair now!

Of course, the last NCT member that captured the hearts of many fans is none other than the leader, Taeyong! Though he is used to having a golden hair color since 2017, he still made many fans fell over him again with his bleached-blonde hair.

Taeyong during his LAX arrival

K-pop stars are known to always change their hairstyle whenever they will have a comeback, and NCT 127 is not an exemption to that. Furthermore, this even made the fans realize that no matter what type of hairstyle and color they will have, their idols will still continue to slay.

Here are some of the selca of other NCT 127 members with their new hairstyle.


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