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Chansung Starts Military Service, 2PM Members Send Him Off

By Staff Reporter | June 19, 2019 04:16 PM EDT

Chansung, the "eternal maknae" of K-pop boy band 2PM, has officially enlisted in the military last June 11, Tuesday.
(Photo : Twitter/2PM)

More and more K-pop idols are enlisting in the military this year. Following Junho's enlistment last May 30, fellow 2PM member Chansung has officially began serving the army last June 11, Tuesday.

The 29-year-old singer-rapper is the last member of the said K-pop group to embark on South Korea's mandatory military conscription, after Junho, Taecyeon (who has been discharged last month), Jun.K, and Wooyoung. Nichkhun, who is Thai-American, is exempted from the military conscription. 

Chansung entered the 5th Infantry Division recruit training center.

In 2PM's official Twitter account, a photo upload shows Nichkhun, Taecyeon, and Jun. K sending their "eternal maknae" off to the army. The caption read, "2PM's eternal maknae Chansung was cheerful until the end!! Come back safely! Hottest, let's wait without crying!"

On his personal Instagram account, Nichkhun posted another message, saying: "Maknae, return safely. I can't give you the energy of the military like the other members, but instead I'll cheer you on~ Fighting!"

Chansung, who will be on hiatus until he is discharged in January 2021, held a fan meeting earlier this month to bid a bittersweet yet temporal goodbye to his fans.

"TMC: Too Much Chanformation" is his second solo fan meeting to date. During the said event, he revealed some projects that his fans can look forward to.

"I have the final filming for the Netflix original drama 'Alone With You' coming up. I also finished filming the pre-produced drama 'So I Married An Anti-Fan' in January," he remarked.

He also displayed his musical chops as he performed his group's hits "HOT" and "I'll Be Back."  He also performed his solo tracks "Treasure" and "Fine." To his fans' delight, the 2PM maknae also covered his hyungs' solo materials, including "A Moving Day" (Jun.K), "Fancy" (Junho), and "Lucky Charm," wherein Nichkhun made a surprise appearance.

As a message for his fans, Chansung sincerely expressed his gratitude, describing meeting them as life's "biggest joy."

"All of you made me into a shining person. I'm going to continue to be thankful. Meeting the 2PM members is my life's biggest blessing, and meeting all of you is my biggest joy."

"I want to hurry up and promote as a whole group with 2PM," he concluded.

2PM, one of the prized talents of JYP Entertainment, debuted in 2008. They are known for the hits "A.D.T.O.Y.," "My House," and "Heartbeat."

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