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TXT Showcases Sweet Voices In Fairy Tale For "Nap Of The Star" MV

By Staff Reporter | June 26, 2019 10:17 AM EDT

(Photo : TXT)

TXT has launched a music video for "Nap of the Star"!

The music video presents a fairytale-like setting and narrates the story of five boys and a star. In the first part, the boys promised the star that they will return even if they part ways. Time passed after the boys took their own path, and the star fell asleep.

Years went by, Yeonjun grew horns. He was so scared and worried about becoming a monster; he went into the forest. In the video, the abilities of the rest of the members were shown. Soobin has ears like those of an elf, Taeyun has a star in his left eye, Beomgyu has thorns growing on his shoulders, and Hueningkai has angel-like wings.

As the video ends, Yeonjun stumbles upon an enormous creature. Frightened, he ran away from it and ended up amidst the trees. He tried pulling out one of his horns and succeeded, causing the blood to spill and spread on his hand. His members then went near him and made him feel better. All of a sudden, something from above gave them light. When they looked up, it was the star to whom they made a promise. With the five boys together again, the star awakened and glowed so bright. The group then realized that something magical is about to happen.

It is said that the track "Nap of the Star" is about missing someone so much that you wish you could meet that person in your dreams. TXT's last music video before "Nap of the Star" is their other track "Cat & Dog," which was dropped on April 24, 2019.

Meanwhile, the new K-pop boy band have recently finished their first-ever U.S. tour this 2019. Dubbed the "Star in US tour," the boys kicked off at the Playstation Theater in New York City on May 9. The other stopovers were at The Vic Theatre in Chicago on May 12, The Plaza Live in Orlando on May 14, Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta on May 17, and The Bomb Factory in Dallas on May 19. The tour ended at The Novo in Los Angeles on May 24.


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