"The Rose" To Terminate Their Contract From J&Star Agency: Delayed of Payment, Breach Of Trust

The Rose wants to get out of their management as soon as possible. South Korea's popular band The Rose has reportedly sent their request to their agency for the termination of their contract.

J&Star Company has been giving them schedules without their consent and knowledge. Plus according to the band, the agency also has not yet paid them since they debuted as a group.

The Rose debuted their first single album "Sorry" in August 2017. 

The four gentlemen insisted that they were not allowed to see the document that would show how much exactly the profit and the amount that they would get from the agency. The members also complained that J&Star Company planned a 17 city concert tour abroad particularly in the United States for a month and did not consult them about it. 

The Rose quoted "We just hope to end our exclusive contracts as soon as possible."  The agency made a promise to the band that they will get their monthly settlement report but the management failed to do so. 

To be clear J&Star Company still has 3 years' worth of payable accounts with The Rose and still hasn't settled any single payment since their debut. 

The Rose revealed that they received numerous events and guesting schedules for the upcoming months which the management failed to open up with them. 

They have also submitted a request for a vacation that was left hanging by the Agency which also made them decide to push their request to terminate their contract. 

In response to these complaints, the management finally broke their silence and stated that The Rose one-sidedly decided that they want to terminate their contracts and suspend the upcoming activities. 

"The Rose one-sidedly notified us about their termination of contracts, they have been insisting to suspend their upcoming performances and future broadcast appearances and guests, in which we both mutually agreed on. The deadline imposed by them is not legally valid or accepted. The Rose should be faithfully attending to their commitments and their schedules." 

Due to this issue, Rose's promotions will be postponed for the meantime. 



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