Fashion: Why Marni Is the Perfect Shopping Destination for Modern Women?

Fashion: Why Marni Is the Perfect Shopping Destination for Modern Women?
(Photo : Fashion: Why Marni Is the Perfect Shopping Destination for Modern Women?)

For Marni, the Milan-based international fashion brand, making fanciful women clothes is a serious business. They understand the industry and create a wide variety of designs to meet the varied needs of the modern woman. One of the things that work in favor of the company and has made it perfectly known for the unique collections that are full of color, shape, print, and material contrasts, is the principal of nonconformity. Consuelo Castiglioni founded this fast-growing fashion label in 1994.

Marni believes that nonconformity is a bankable commodity that any serious fashion brands know how to find the best ways to embrace. With this understanding, you have a reason to believe that this principle has become part of the deal at the company that has a verifiable record of accomplishment in the fashion industry. Read on for some of the significant elements that help Marni to live by this essential principle.

Chunky Jewels

The company's boldness began from its inception in 1994 and continues to date. When it comes to the use of chunky jewels to design daywear, Marni knows all the benefits of using this material. It was one of the first established brands to use it in places that were considered odd.

 The combination of the glamour and utilitarian qualities that comes with this choice is a surprisingly great combination that has become the pride of Marni.

Wonky Volume

If you have seen a flared A-line attire or huge-sleeve blouse, it is likely a product of Marni. The designers have no time dealing with issues to do with bodycon. The label knows that the demand for sculptural shapes that stand away from the woman's body is on the increase.

For the people who have been wearing Marni for the last 15 years or more, they can attest to the fact that the wonky volume serves them well, and their friends appreciate the appearance. It makes women look intelligent, smart, and stylish. The truth, however, is that not every woman out there can put it on due to different reasons. The company gives its customers plenty of choices to cater for the difference in taste.


The designers at Marni can never be called minimalists. The creative company considers print something that is extremely dear to their clients. The Matisse influence demonstrated this perfectly well, and only SS15 accurately revealed this.

Crafty Fabric

You can expect Marni to use a wide variety of crafty fabric. They can use raffia or rubber this season and chunky sparkly flowers in the next. At any given time, many things keep going on with texture in the company to keep this trend alive.

Bottle Green

With the consistency at which Marni has been using dark green colors, the industry now understands that the darkest green as the company's official color. If you look at the boxy T-shirts across both men's and womenswear, you cannot miss finding this feature.

Creative Team of Professionals

We cannot ignore the contribution of the team that works under the guidance of Marni creative director. They have an exceptional ability to deliver on their promises and can generate the best ideas that the market requires to thrive. The director Francesco Risso has proven that he is up to the task and ensures all of them abide by the company's core values. It is believed that the unique upbringing of the director is responsible for the success of Marni.

The Background of Francesco Risso

During the early days of this fashion enthused director, he would raid the closets of his parents and siblings like a professional scientist in search of a pressing healthcare solution. When his siblings went out from home, they would come back to find many sleeves of their jackets removed. Some of the skirts also had sprouting pant legs.

During a recent phone interview, Risso lamented that this habit created many severe troubles at home. It also earned him a new name, the Wardrobe Virus.

Risso says he hates the fact that his actions caused some of the members of his family lots of pain. They viewed him as an irresponsible young boy. However, he acquired some of the skills he now uses to address the needs of women across the world who use their products.

At age 16, the self-taught fashion expert left home for an established fashion school. He learned successfully and started working for Prada by 24. Eventually, he took over Marni in 2016 at 33 when the founder, Consuelo, exited from the label.

Today, Risso Virus still spends a lot of time cutting up clothes. Whenever there is need be, he goes ahead to smash them together. He can only celebrate after making a significant research breakthrough and meeting the needs of Marni's clients.

It emerges that Risso wanted the best way to express himself. He believes parents have a lot to learn from his childhood. While Risso was not shy, the director was not chatty too. For that matter, he had to do some trial-and-errors to be able to find the best solution.  

With a natural love for fashion, Marni's creative director is perhaps the best person to help the company to continue making fanciful women clothes by being unique and customer-centered.



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