These Are The Eight Most Legendary Fancams As Chosen By Korean Netizens

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Recently, Korean netizens on an online forum selected which idol fan cams they considered to be legendary. Here are the eight most mentioned ones:

1. BTS's V - "Boy With Luv"

This V fan cam was uploaded to the M2 Official YouTube page and was posted on April 26, 2019. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 125 million views and 995k likes - he's so close to a million! V is the BTS member with the most fan cam views for this era. Fans love his expressions during the fancam, with people saying he embodies the song perfectly.

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2. TWICE's Sana - "LIKEY"

This Sana fan cam was uploaded by user Spinel CAM and was taken back on July 23, 2018, during TWICE's performance at the Ulsan Simmer Festival Music Core. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 12 million views and 101k likes. This fan cam went viral in South Korea for Sana's duality - she is able to be both cute and sexy, capturing fans with her expressions.

3. Miss A's Suzy - "LOVE SONG"

This fan cam of Suzy was uploaded to the Mnet Official YouTube channel on April 3, 2015. As of Septmber 7, it has over 22 million views and 191k likes. Despite "LOVE SONG" being a B-side track, this fan cam of Suzy made it popular with Korean netizens, with some people even preferring it to the title track "Only You". Suzy was praised for her alluring visuals in the fan cam and for how perfect she looked as she danced.

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This fan cam of Rosé performing in Coachella was uploaded by user RéCORD 레코드 and was uploaded on April 22, 2019. As of September 7, 2020, it was over 5 million views an 165k likes. Rosé went viral with this fan cam for her stunning stage presence and charisma. Many agree that she definitely shined on sage! On top f that, the user color graded and added effects to the video, which makes it even more special.

5. APRIL's Naeun - "Oh! my mistake"

This fan cam of Naeun was uploaded to the M2 official YouTube channel on October 19, 2018. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 5 million views and 96k likes.This is currently the most viewed fan cam of any APRIL member. In the video, Naeun captivates fans with her sweet, girl-next-door image.

6. ITZY's Yuna - "DALLA DALLA"

This fan cam of Yuna was uploaded to the M2 official YouTube channel on February 18, 2019. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 4 million views and 100k likes. Despite being the maknae of the group, Yuna was praised for her maturity on stage. She was also loved by netizens for her amazing facials on stage, knowing how to make her stand out and look even more beautiful as she performs.

7. EXID's Hani - "Up & Down"

This fancam of Hani was uploaded by user pharkil on October 9, 2014. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 32 million views and 247k likes. Considered the most legendary on the list, this fan cam of Hani propelled EXID into the mainstream market and allowed "Up & Down" another chance of fame. It is considered one of the main reasons EXID was able to reach the level of fame they have now.

8. BTS's Jimin - "Perfect Man"

This fan cam of Jimin was uploaded by user jamjam park and was taken during BTS's performance of Shinhwa's "Perfect Man" at the 2015 MBC Gayo Daejun. It was uploaded on January 1, 2016. As of September 7, 2020, it has over 12 million views and 268k likes. It is the only fan cam on the list that shows an artist covering another idol group's song. Jimin was praised for how slick and smooth his moves are, as well as his stage presence.

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Did your favorite fan cam make the list?

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