BTS Jungkook’s Visuals at the '2020 The Fact Music Awards' Labelled as ‘Like a Girl’s’

Jungkook's delicate visuals at the 2020 The Fact Music Awards (TMAs) had people scratching their heads in confusion. Keep on reading to learn more.

On Saturday, Dec. 12, The Fact Music Awards ceremony was held. Of course, in attendance is the current biggest group in K-pop, BTS. Other than sweeping up the awards they were nominated for, BTS also performed their hit songs "Dynamite" and "Life Goes On." People had praised BTS for their amazing performances and stages. The boys made sure to show how much they loved their fans during the intro to their "Dynamite" performance and to take a moment to remember all those who are staying strong despite the coronavirus pandemic before their performance of "Life Goes On."

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One member that stood out to people is member Jungkook. Currently, the idol is donning rather long hair, with strands of hair usually seen framing the sides of his face. As the boys accepted their awards, they were all seen in masks that cover half of his face. With his long hairstyle, big sparkling eyes, and delicate and straight eyebrows, people claimed that his visuals were as beautiful as a girl's.

Jungkook was also seen fixing his hair, pushing his hair behind his ears as to not have it in his face. These soft movements and strokes of the hand are traditionally seen among girls with long hair, which people say only heightens his feminine aura.

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The majority of people seemed to be impressed with his almost androgynous visuals that day. People agreed that he is getting more and more beautiful by day and praised BTS's golden maknae for his duality; people have said in the past that he sometimes looks incredibly masculine, while other times he looks as cute as a girl. Some stated that the way his eyebrows were shaped is similar to actresses in historical dramas, while some said his eyes are as bright as the starry sky.

Still, there were some comments that are negative. Many Koreans maintain a traditional mindset and slammed the idol for looking "too much like a girl." People insulted the idol for brushing his hair behind his ears, saying that only girls should do that. People also said that he almost looks like a tomboy when he is on stage with that kind of look.

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What do you think of Jungkook's look at The Fact Music Awards?

In the awards ceremony, BTS snagged four awards: "Artist of the Year," "Worldwide Icon," "Listener's Choice," and the major award, the "Daesang." This is the third year in a row that BTS has bagged the Daesang, effortlessly flaunting their unwavering fame and popularity.

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During their acceptance speech for the Daesang, RM thanked the fans, those who took the time to listen to BTS's music, their staff, and their Big Hit Entertainment family who never fails to shower BTS with love and support. The leader of the group also noted that it was a hard year for everyone, even BTS, and dedicated the award to all the artists who are doing as much as they can in a time where they cannot have offline concerts and have to put all their energy into new music.

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