ASTRO Cha Eun Woo is the New Face of Philippine Company FRONTROW

On Sunday, Feb. 6, FRONTROW released a new commercial featuring ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo, announcing the idol-actor as the new face of the brand! Keep on reading to learn more.

From Brand Ambassador to Face of the Brand

Back in Dec. 2020, FRONTROW announced that ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo was their latest brand ambassador, sharing photos the idol had taken from a promotional photoshoot for the brand. At the time, the company also shared a short commercial featuring the idol.

Cha Eunwoo
(Photo : FRONTROW International)

In the first-ever advertisement they shared featuring Cha Eun Woo, the idol is seen in an all-white room wearing all-white clothing. In the video, he is seen video calling with a friend who gushes over his amazingly fair skin.

The idol then divulges his beauty secret, mentioning drinking lots of water, working out often, genetics, and, of course, top-quality beauty products.

Now, it appears the "True Beauty" star has been promoted from a brand ambassador to the face of the brand! Cha Eunwoo greets his Filipino fans as the face of FRONTROW. Concerning the two parties' partnership, Cha Eunwoo said, "I am thankful that I was able to learn about FRONTROW and their amazing health products, which helped me keep going as I was filming."

In his latest ad with the company, "Kilig Pa More! It's Cha Eun Woo!", the ASTRO member asks the viewer, "Did you Luxxe?". The video shows Cha Eunwoo hiding something in the cupboard for the viewer, his girlfriend. When she arrives, she adoringly calls the girlfriend "Babe" and tells her something is waiting for her in the cupboard.

The camera then shows someone opening the cupboard and revealing a FRONTROW Luxxe bottle with a red bow. A note is attached to the bottle that reads, "Babe! You look so tired these days. Make sure to stay healthy. I love you!"

Cha Eun Woo is then seen peeking out from the corner, waving. The ad transitions to more about the product, Luxxe Renew, and all the properties it has. Cha Eun Woo is also seen taking a supplement himself.


FRONTROW is a Philippine-based health, beauty, and wellness company. They are now for their Luxxe line of products - their Luxxe White, Luxxe Protect, Luxxe Slim, and Luxxe Renew. They are hailed as the leading company for health, beauty, and wellness in Asia and continues to gain the trust of consumers worldwide with their FDA-approved products. All of their supplements are manufactured in the United States.

Cha Eunwoo
(Photo : FRONTROW International)

When asked about Cha Eun Woo being the new face of the company, FRONTROW owners RS Franciso and Sam Verosa stated that Cha Eun Woo is a fresh face and an excellent role model, making him the best fit to represent FRONTROW.

Would you try their products?

Cha Eun Woo as the Male Lead in Webtoon-Based K-Drama "True Beauty"

Cha Eun Woo recently concluded filming for the tvN drama "True Beauty," in which he starred alongside Moon Ga Young, Hwang In Yeop, and Park Yoo Na. Cha Eunwoo played the role of Lee Suho, a popular and handsome student with a dark secret. Despite appearing to have it all, he comes from a dysfunctional family, and a tragic accident has formed him into a cold boy who hates having the attention on him.

The drama was successful, with a 3.794% average viewership rating.

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