These K-Pop Idols Have Supernatural Visuals That They are Mistaken as Elves

Many fans got hooked with K-Pop acts and personalities because of their catchy and relatable music. But, aside from their exemplary tracks, some devoted followers of these artists adore them because of their strong and striking visuals.

Recently, K-Pop fans named the idols they think could pass as elves based on their physical appearances.

Here are some of those stunning personalities.

1. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon

  Numerous K-Pop fans adore the doll look of this songstress. In most of her snaps posted online, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon looked so beautiful that most of her supporters think her beauty is unreal.

2. Stray Kids member Hyunjin

Fans of Stray Kids member Hyunjin love his very unique style. The “God’s Menu” singer is very known for his feminine and delicate visual, which makes him look very gorgeous both in real-life and in photos.

3. TWICE Tzuyu

 There is no denying that TWICE member Tzuyu has one of the most remarkable faces in the K-Pop world. As a matter of fact, the “I Can’t Stop Me” singer has been praised for her incredible looks, which totally give her some sort of magical appearance.

4. NCT Renjun

Numerous K-Pop fans find Renjun as one of the cutest members of NCT. His angular facial feature added more mystery to his visuals. The intriguing charm of the “Make A Wish” singer also gives his supporter some elvish vibe.


  Aside from her undeniable talent, EVERGLOW member Yiren is also being idolized because of her ethereal look. Her soft facial features and charming aura simple gives everyone a magical feeling.

6. MONSTA X Minhyuk

Many fans find MONSTA X member Minhyuk so adorable because of his very playful and naturally energetic personality. Aside from having clear skin, a lot of his supporters noticed that his behavior matches his cute yet mischievous visual.

7. ITZY Yeji

  The “WANNABE” songstress is known for having a cat-like beauty. Some followers of ITZY member Yeji even compare her to “How to Train Your Dragon” character Light Fury.

8. ONEUS Hwanwoong

It cannot be denied that the “TO BE OR NOT TO BE” hitmaker is among the artists with very unique facial features. ONEUS member Hwanwoong credits his stunning visual from his delicate chin and strong jawline.

9. (G)I-DLE Miyeon

  There is no doubt that Miyeon has an attractive and exquisite beauty. For those who do not know, the (G)I-DLE member actually voices Ahri, who is a character in the virtual group named K/DA.

10. NCT Winwin

Wrapping up the Top 10 is NCT member WinWin, who is popularly known for his pointy ears. Because of this unusual feature, some of his fans think that he could be an elf or someone who could effectively portray an elf character in television series or movies.

Other names mentioned on the thread posted on Reddit include fromis_9 member Nagyung, NU-EST Ren, LOONA Gowon, SEVENTEEN Joshua, Cosmic Girls Yeoreum, ATEEZ Seonghwa, and IZ*ONE Wonyoung.

LOONA Kim Lip, ATEEZ San, NCT Taeyong, Stray Kids Felix, LOONA Jinsoul, SEVENTEEN The8, aespa Karina, and Oh My Girl YooA are also part of the list.

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Written by Nica Vaughn

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