SHINee Taemin Sheds Tears as He Thanks Fans for Supporting Him for 13 Years

SHINee Taemin
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During a live stream, SHINee member Taemin shed tears as he thanked fans for loving and supporting him for thirteen years.

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SHINee's Taemin Sheds Tears as He Expresses Gratefulness to Shawols for Loving Him for 13 Years

On Monday, Apr. 19, Taemin held a solo live stream on Naver V Live titled "Thank you for the last 13 years." The live stream, which went on for about 45 minutes, was the male idol's way of saying goodbye to fans before his military enlistment.

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During the broadcast, Taemin revealed to fans that he would be enlisting on May 31. This means that he would be taking some time away from the industry to focus on his military duties. Taemin revealed that there were a number of things he wanted to tell the fans, but the most important thing he wanted to say was thank you.

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"I was really young when I made my debut. It has been over fifteen years since I started my path to become a K-pop star. I have received a huge amount of love so far," Taemin says.

Soon, the male idol gets emotional and teary-eyed, and he is seen looking away from the camera for a moment.

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Taemin expressed sadness that he would have to take a break and leave fans. While he is not upset about having to enlist in the military, he feels sadness over how quickly time has passed. He goes on to say that when he was young, he wondered how his life would be when he is 30 years old.

Now, Taemin is almost at that age, and he will be enlisting in the military. He tells fans that he feels the first part of his life has come to an end.

"Looking back at my life, I definitely achieved a lot of my goals. Most of them were all thanks to you guys. Thank you, and please do not worry about me. I will do well there and return before you even know," Taemin says, reassuring Shawols.

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Taemin is the final SHINee member to enlist in the military. Before he enlists, the "MOVE" singer plans to release a new solo album as his farewell gift.

Member Onew was the first member to enlist and be discharged from the military. Onew enlisted for his mandatory military service on Dec. 10, 2018. During his military career, Onew acted in the military musicals "Shinheung Military Academy" and "Return: The Promise of That Day." He was discharged from the military on Jul. 8, 2020k, 12 days earlier than his original discharge date.

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The second SHINee member to enlist for his mandatory military enlistment is Key. The male idol enlisted for the military on Mar. 4, 2019, the same day he released his album "I Wanna Be." Key was discharged from the military on Oct. 7, 2020. He took his final military leave on Sept. 24, 2020, and did not need to return to the army due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Minho is the third SHINee member to enlist for his mandatory military service. On Apr. 15, 2019, Minho joined the Marine Corps. He was discharged from the military on Nov. 15, 2020.

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