Dispatch Selects the Top 6 Female Idols with Perfect Shoulder Lines

On Monday, Apr. 12, Dispatch selected the female idols with perfect shoulder lines! They shared their choices through their official Instagram account, @koreadispatch.

Want to know who they selected? Then keep on reading!

1. ITZY's Yuna

(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

ITZY's lovable maknae, Yuna, was selected as a female idol with perfect shoulders. The official visual of ITZY has been praised for her swan neck, which makes her appear both taller and slimmer. Though already tall (she is seventeen years old and already 170cm/5'7" tall!), her beautiful shoulder line makes her look both taller and more model-like.

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2. BLACKPINK's Jennie

(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

BLACKPINK's main rapper Jennie is another idol who was praised for her beautiful shoulder lines. Though born beautiful, the idol is also known to be a huge fan of aerial yoga and pilates, two exercises that can help make your shoulder lines look more even and aligned.

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3. ITZY's Lia

(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Lia, ITZY's main vocalist, is another female idol praised for her impressive shoulder line. Lia is known for her pretty and slender figure, and her shoulders definitely stand out thanks to the amount of off-shoulder and sleeveless outfits ITZY's stylist put her in. It looks like their stylists are in love with her shoulders too!

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4. Suzy

(Photo : Suzy Instagram)

"The Nation's First Love," Bae Suzy is also loved for her gorgeous shoulder lines. The idol has deep collarbones that further enhance her shoulder line, which makes her look both slim and tall. This perfectly matches Suzy's sweet visuals and model-like proportions.

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5. TWICE's Tzuyu

(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Taiwan's "Goddess of Popularity" Tzuyu is the third JYP Entertainment idol selected by Dispatch for her gorgeous shoulder lines. Since her debut, Tzuyu has been praised for her doll-like visuals and her perfect figure, and her shoulder line only adds to that! Due to how nice her shoulder line is, Tzuyu's neck looks longer, making her look slim and slender.

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6. MOMOLAND's Nancy

(Photo : Nancy Instagram)

Last but not least is MOMOLAND's maknae, Nancy! While the other idols mentioned on the list are known for their slim figures, Nancy is praised for her more luxurious, thick figure. Her shoulder lines help enhance her hourglass figure. She has become the envy of Korean women due to her "apple hips and hourglass body shape."

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Think Dispatch missed a female idol? Tell us in the comments below!

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Written by Alexa Lewis

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