Author David Yi Reveals Why BTS RM's Beauty is Essential as the Cover of His Upcoming Book

In his upcoming book, "PRETTY BOYS," David Yi made BTS's RM the cover. Here's why RM being on the cover is essential.

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Author David Yi Reveals Why BTS RM's Beauty is Essential as the Cover of His Upcoming Book

On May 30, David Yi, an author of an upcoming book called "PRETTY BOYS," which is slated to release on June 22, had revealed in a series of tweets on his official Twitter account the reason why he made BTS's leader and rapper, RM, the cover of his book.

"PRETTY BOYS" is a book that revolves around male beauty and skincare. According to David Yi, the book will detail the history of male beauty, such as skincare and makeup, as well as include advice and tutorials on self-care, wellness, and feeling beautiful, which transcends time, boundaries, and binaries, and mentions numerous male icons who have redefined masculinity and gender expression.

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On the cover of "PRETTY BOYS" are male icons such as Freddie Mercury, Prince, and more. According to David Yi, making RM a part of the cover was essential to the author to uplift him and show the world BTS's leader's power.

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Cover or David Yi's 'PRETTY BOYS'

He starts off his thread by mentioning the history of beauty, such as how certain makeups came to be, and throughout the years, people from all backgrounds have been celebrated in terms of how they have redefined beauty.

However, he notes that RM was never seen as a "standard of beauty" in South Korea, where he was called "ugly" for not having double eyelids, fair skin, a V-shaped face, a thin nose bridge, and more. David Yi also mentions how one commented that RM makes them want to "throw up" because of the rapper's confidence.

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He goes on to say that RM has been through so much after being unfairly criticized, and the reason why he added RM as the cover of the book is because the BTS member is "all about powerful beauty," such as self-realization in the midst of mass hate and criticism.

In addition, RM has spoken about loving oneself, as seen in BTS's "LOVE MYSELF" campaigns. David Yi also quotes one of RM's speeches from the UN General Assembly in 2018, where he says: "We have learned to love ourselves, so now I urge you to speak yourself."

David Yi ends his thread by saying that he hopes people will like the chapter that revolves around BTS in the book and that the book is dedicated to ARMY - BTS's fandom.

Check out David Yi's full thread here:

You can pre-order "PRETTY BOYS" here.

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