TWICE Tzuyu Wows Fans With Her Visuals in ‘Taste of Love’ Comeback Premiere

TWICE's lovely maknae Tzuyu stuns fans with her visuals at the group's comeback premiere for "Taste of Love."

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TWICE Tzuyu Wows Fans With Her Visuals in ‘Taste of Love’ Comeback Premiere
(Photo : TWICE YouTube)

TWICE Tzuyu Surprises Fans with Her Visuals in 'Taste of Love' Comeback Premiere

On Wednesday, Jun. 9, TWICE held an online, live-streamed comeback premiere for their album, "Taste of Love." For the premiere, the girls of TWICE donned pastel-colored dresses that perfectly fit the summer theme.

While all the members looked gorgeous, it was maknae Tzuyu who caught fans' eyes!

(Photo : TWICE YouTube)

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On this day, Tzuyu was seen wearing a pastel green body-hugging dress. The dress is adorned with big, shiny jewels in the middle. The outfit is off-shoulder, showing Tzuyu's swan neck and shoulder lines.

In terms of her makeup, the Taiwanese idol is seen with light makeup that highlights her lips and doe-like eyes.

To match her outfit, Tzuyu is seen wearing silver earrings and a necklace. Her hair is dyed light brown and was styled in beautiful waves.

(Photo : TWICE YouTube)

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Following the comeback premiere, screenshots of Tzuyu from the live stream were shared to online community forums. The posts soon started gaining traction for both fans and non-fans, with many complimenting the idol's classic and sophisticated beauty. Many believed her visuals had an actress's aura to them.

People praised her goddess-like beauty, with many even questioning if she is human. After all, Tzuyu has the small face, body, height, and thick hair that every girl wants!

As one of K-pop's third-generation visual representatives, many are happy to see her beauty continue to bloom.

(Photo : TWICE YouTube)

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Due to her model-like stature, many joked that Tzuyu was perfect like a mannequin!

Her doll-like features earned praise for netizens, who agreed that the more they see Tzuyu, the prettier she gets.

It is no surprise Tzuyu is earning attention for her visuals once more. In 2019, she was named TC Candler's "World's Most Beautiful Face." Tzuyu earned the spot against 99 other beautiful individuals from around the world.

Previously, Tzuyu ranked 2nd place in 2018, 3rd in 2017, 8th in 2016, and 13th in 2015.

Stay pretty, Tzuyu!

Check out TWICE's comeback premiere for "Taste of Love" here:

TWICE's Recent Activities

TWICE made their comeback on Jun. 9, 2021, with their single "Alcohol-Free." The song is a summer dance track that fuses hip-hop with bossa nova. "Alcohol-Free" showcases TWICE's unique colors.

Lyrically, the song looks back at magical moments of falling in love with numerous references to cocktails and alcoholic beverages.

ICYMI, here's TWICE's official MV for "Alcohol-Free"!

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To promote their song, TWICE performed "Alcohol-Free" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Jun. 9.

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"Alcohol-Free" is the lead single from TWICE's upcoming tenth mini-album, "Taste of Love." The mini-album will be released on Jun. 11.

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