SHINee Taemin Worries Fan with His Alleged Weight Loss after Enlisting

After enlisting in the military, fans have become worried about SHINee Taemin's weight loss.

SHINee Taemin
(Photo : Instagram: @lm_____ltm)

SHINee Taemin Worries Fans with Alleged Weight Loss upon Enlisting in the Military

On June 15 KST, the Korea Army Training Center shared photos that feature their new recruits who enlisted for their mandatory military enlistment, and among these recruits is SHINee's very own Taemin!

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In the shared photos, the new recruits and SHINee Taemin can be seen a black shirt and shorts, along with socks and sandals as they sit down in a row.

While sitting down and posing for the camera, SHINee Taemin and the recruits were each holding up a syllable that, if read together, spells out as "To our parents, we love you."

(Photo : Korea Army Training Center)

After the photos were shared, many fans, the Shawols, were delighted to sneak a peek at Taemin during his enlistment.

However, numerous fans also shared their worries for the idol. It is known in the industry and among fans that SHINee Taemin is naturally skinny, so seeing Taemin lose more weight while he is at the training center made fans worry more.

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(Photo : Korea Army Training Center)

Meanwhile, Taemin officially enlisted for his mandatory military service on May 31, 2021, and is the final member of SHINee to do so following Onew in 2018, Key in 2019, and Minho 2019, who were all discharged in 2020. Taemin will be doing basic training, and following that, he will serve the remainder of his military service as part of the military band. He is expected to be discharged sometime in November 2022.

What are your thoughts on Taemin's photos in the training center?

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Taemin's Recent Activities Prior to Enlistment

Taemin announced his enlistment date during a V-Live he held on April 19. Just a few weeks before his enlistment on May 31, Taemin released his third Korean mini-album "Advice" on May 18, which consists of five tracks, his title track "Advice," "Light," "If I Could Tell You" which features Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, "Strings," and "Sad Kids."

(Photo : Instagram: @lm_____ltm)

The album's title track, "Advice," is an R&B song that uses piano flourishes and a choir arrangement over its trap beat. Taemin also performed the song on several Korean music shows such as "Show! Music Core," "M! Countdown," and "Inkigayo," where he was praised for his androgynous aesthetic, and charismatic and versatile performances.

In addition, "Advice" took over both domestic and international charts - taking the No.1 spot.

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