DSP Media Comments on Acquittal of Defamation Charges on Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo's Brother + Hyunjoo's Legal Team Warns Label

After Hyunjoo's brother is acquitted of his charges, DSP Media releases a statement.

On June 23, former APRIL member Hyunjoo's legal representatives, law firm Lee & Kim, announced that Hyunjoo's younger brother was acquitted of his defamation charges after a police investigation was conducted. 

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Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo's Brother Acquitted of Defamation Charges

Earlier this year, in February and March, Hyunjoo's younger brother had made posts that stated Hyunjoo was bullied by her former fellow APRIL members during her time with the group.

The police had concluded that Hyunjoo's younger brother had no intention of slandering APRIL after the investigation. According to the police, Hyunjoo's younger brother had written the post out of frustration regarding Hyunjoo's situation and had wanted to reveal the truth following reports that stated Hyunjoo left the group on her own.

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The police had also decided that the bullying allegations were true and that Hyunjoo was bullied by APRIL. In addition, the police also concluded that the "shoes incident" and "tumbler incident" took place and that the contents of Hyunjoo's younger brother's post cannot be false as it close to the truth of the events that had taken place during Hyunjoo's time promoting with APRIL.

Hyunjoo's legal team also revealed that her younger brother was cleared of charges and was informed back on June 20. They were able to confirm the reason as to why the charges were dropped after requesting to review and make a copy of police documents.

DSP Media, who pressed the charges, would most likely have received a notice of her younger brother's acquittal as well.

The legal team also revealed that there were six people who pressed charges against Hyunjoo's younger brother, however, they could not determine the specific people as it was not included in the document they viewed.

Hence, the legal team will be filing additional requests to verify who the six people are, as the accusers have asked for legal judgment and were the ones who filed a lawsuit again Hyunjoo's younger brother, who is still a minor.

With this, they hope that the accusers would make the necessary claims that are within the boundaries set by the law.

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DSP Media Releases Statement Regarding Acquittal of Defamation Charges on Hyunjoo's Younger Brother

Following the news that Hyunjoo's younger brother was acquitted of the charges, DSP Media released a brief statement on June 23. According to DSP Media, the police's investigation is different from the truth after they had accepted that Hyunjoo was bullied by the APRIL members.

"To quote the reason for the dismissal of charges without distortion, it is 'The charges were cleared as it is difficult to determine that there was an intention to slander and a recognition of false information,'" said DSP Media.

In addition, there is no confirmation that the members were perpetrators of bullying and that the charges were cleared as the accused had no recognition of the false information that he wrote in the posts.

DSP Media ends their statement by requesting not to disseminate information that is different from the truth without verifying the facts.

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Hyunjoo's Legal Team Warns DSP Media

On the same day, Hyunjoo's legal team released another notice to warn DSP Media. They warn the label to refrain from causing misunderstandings among the public with their vague statements and ask that they only release statements that are necessary and as required by the legal procedures.

Hyunjoo's legal team added that it was never confirmed that the members of APRIL had bullied someone and that the reason as to why the charges on Hyunjoo's younger brothers were acquitted is because there was no intention of spreading falsehood.

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