Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo Gives an Update on Current Situation With DSP Media and APRIL

Hyunjoo has given an update regarding her dispute with DSP Media and APRIL.

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Former APRIL Member Hyunjoo Gives an Update on Current Situation With DSP Media and APRIL

On June 18, KST, former APRIL member Hyunjoo has shared on her personal Instagram account an update regarding her current situation on the bullying controversy with DSP Media and APRIL.

Hyunjoo reveals in her post that her younger brother, who is still a student, was being sued by DSP Media and that her entire family is currently focusing on responding to the lawsuit. "Although I have not been contacted by the police yet, I have learned through news reports that I was being sued as well, and it seems that I will have to prepare to respond to my lawsuit also," added Hyunjoo.

Hyunjoo also shares that she is aware of the concern and support showed by many people and sincerely thanks them. So far, she is doing well, and she thinks that she'll be able to continue doing well in the future.

The former APRIL member then explains that she is writing the post as there is an aspect that she is worried about. As everyone is aware, a lot has been happening recently, and she knows better than anyone how difficult it is to endure personal attacks and malicious comments. "Although I am in good health and doing well, but looking at the current situation, I am worried as it reminds me of the time when I was unhealthy physically and mentally. I have no intention of giving back the pain that I had suffered to others," said Hyunjoo.

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Hyunjoo adds that anyone can do wrong actions. However, she thinks that it can be called a mistake because forgiveness is possible if those who took those actions admit that they were wrong and work towards correcting themselves. "So, I earnestly request you to stop criticizing or making malicious comments towards the [APRIL] members and acquaintances," asked Hyunjoo.

Hyunjoo also adds that she has been trying to live her life grateful for even the smallest bits of happiness, "Everyone has the right to be happy, and I that it can be achieved."

She ends her post by saying that maybe because it is raining that she feels especially worried and hopes that everyone has a happy Friday and thanks the people for reading her post.

A Quick Recap of Hyunjoo and APRIL's Bullying Controversy

Back in February 2021, Hyunjoo's younger brother and an acquaintance from high school shared a post online that alleges Hyunjoo had been bullied by the APRIL members during her time with the group. DSP Media denied the allegations and have taken legal action against Hyunjoo, her family, and acquaintance.

Later in April, Hyunjoo published her first personal statement regarding the bullying allegations, which DSP Media once again denied. APRIL members Yena and Chaewon were the first to respond, where they denied the allegations.

Following that, Hyunjoo took legal action against a former employee of DSP Media for defamation, while DSP Media's lawsuit against Hyunjoo's acquaintance was dismissed. Jinsol and Naeun recently released their own personal statements, where they also denied the bullying allegations. On June 17, Chaewon released another statement.

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