News Outlet Gives More Details on CJ ENM's Proposal to Relaunch IZ*ONE

CJ ENM previously delivered a proposal to the respective agencies of IZ*ONE members for the group relaunch. Recently, a Korean news outlet released specific details on the content of that proposal.

Read more to know what CJ ENM's plan for IZ*ONE.

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News Outlet Provides More Information on CJ ENM's Proposal for IZ*ONE's Reunion

On June 18, CJ ENM confirmed that they are currently discussing the reunion of IZ*ONE with the members' respective companies.

While most of the agencies of IZ*ONE members had positive feedback on CJ ENM's proposal, there are still some contrasting opinions and several parts that need to be resolved.

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For CJ ENM's part, it was disappointing to simply disband IZ*ONE, which is popular both in South Korea and Japan. And so, the label made a move to get the girls back together.

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On June 24, Star News released a report containing more information on what was written on CJ ENM's proposal for IZ*ONE's reunion.

It is said that the content of the proposal included plans to hold concerts both in South Korea and Japan, as well as to release two digital singles.

The Korean media outlet said that based on the content of the proposal, CJ ENM might not be aiming to make IZ*ONE a permanent group, but had a temporary activity for them until the plans for the 12 members get finalized at their respective agencies.

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An official from an agency of one former IZ*ONE member told Star News that CJ ENM made an offer in May, but it was just a proposal and nothing has been decided yet.

What do you think about CJ ENM's proposal for IZ*ONE's future activities? Would it only be a temporary promotion of the girl group? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Former IZ*ONE Hyewon to Hold a Fan Signing Event in July

Meanwhile, former IZ*ONE Hyewon will meet the fans in July through a fan signing event.

8D Entertainment announced that Hyewon will hold a face-to-face and video call fan signing event to commemorate the release of her first photobook "Beauty Cut" in July.

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Hyewon's "Beauty Cut" photo book aims to capture her most beautiful moments at present, as she prepares to kick off her solo career. The special photo book will also celebrate the former IZ*ONE member's new beginning after ending her project group promotions.

"Beauty Cut" is consists of three versions taken by two top photographers and Hyewon Kang.

Writer Cheon Young Sang worked on the "Things Version," which will showcase the attractive points of former IZ*ONE Hyewon, while Kim Young Min produced the "Thinks Version," in which he made use of the expression and alluring poses that were only in the imagination.

The last version is called "Thanks Version," which will include the photos that Hyewon took with her personal cellphone. These images will be released for the first time.

Pre-orders for Hyewon's "Beauty Cut" photo book will take place on With Drama and Apple Music until June 27, and it will be officially released on July 1.

8D Entertainment is yet to release further details on Hyewon's fan signing event in July.

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