[UPDATE] CJ ENM Responds to News about the Relaunch of IZ*ONE

Following the news about IZ*ONE's relaunch, the girl group's former agency CJ ENM released an official statement.

Will they be coming back to the K-pop scene? Find out more in the article!

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CJ ENM Addresses News Regarding the Relaunch of IZ*ONE

According to an exclusive report from Sports Kyunghyang on June 19, CJ ENM delivered a proposal aimed at the reunification of IZ*ONE in May to each of the members' agencies. It was later revealed that most of the companies are positively discussing this.

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The agencies of multiple IZ*ONE members said that the girls' desire to resume their activities together is stronger than anything else, plus the interests between the labels are aligned.

Because of this, discussions are ongoing in the direction of promoting the relaunch of IZ*ONE.

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However, there are still some differences of opinion on the details, and there are still parts that need to be sorted out, according to the companies.

Concerning the talks about the relaunch of IZ*ONE, CJ ENM confirmed that they are having conversations with the agencies and are open to various possibilities.

But, nothing has been decided yet.

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CJ ENM added that they are aware of the fans' funding for IZ*ONE to return as a group. But even without the fans' funding, the company is planning to invest in the project girl group if their reunion would become successful and the album work would proceed.

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A music official said that they originally plan to discuss the extension of the activities of the "Produce 48" girl group ahead of the end of their exclusive contract, but it was ultimately canceled.

The official added that the plan of relaunching the IZ*ONE in the form of a whole or a unit is being discussed again, and it is all thanks to the support of the fans.

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Besides the fans' support, it was also pointed out that the relaunch of IZ*ONE is in the works because CJ ENM's area of idol groups is not running smoothly. Last year, it was unveiled that a ranking manipulation took place on Mnet's "Produce" series and "Idol School."

Despite this, the "Produce 48" girl group continued to have one of the largest fandoms in South Korea. Hence, their disbandment is seen as a disappointing decision of CJ ENM.

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An official from a parallel universe project working on IZ*ONE's relaunch said that if CJ ENM takes responsibility for a team that has ended its activities due to the mistakes of some production crew, it would enhance the image of the company.

They added that if the members will be reunited based on the support of the fans, a true "fan-made group" will be born.

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IZ*ONE's Final Album ahead of Disbandment

Before IZ*ONE's disbandment, the group released their fourth mini-album, "One-reeler/ Act IV, which consists of six songs including the title track "Panorama."

More than 450,000 copies of IZ*ONE's "One-reeler/ Act IV were sold in South Korea. The album topped the weekly physical album rankings of Hanteo Chart, becoming the group's second release to do so after "Heart*Iz."

Despite being a Korean album, "One-reeler/ Act IV" entered the Top 10 of the Japanese Oricon Chart, rising to No. 8.

Watch the music video for IZ*ONE's "Panorama" below!

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