Fans Ask for Refund for Brave Girls' Official Merchandise Due to 'Poor Quality'

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Fans of Brave Girls are asking for a refund for their official merchandise after being disappointed.

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Brave Girls' Fans Disappointed, Asks for Refund for Official Merchandise

Back on July 12, Brave Girls announced the release of their first official merchandise since their debut. Their official merchandise includes a wireless charger, bottle opener, beer and soju glasses, key chains, acrylic stands, photocards, photocard binder, air freshener, cleaning cloth, and grip toks.

As Brave Girls have become increasingly popular thanks to the re-run of "Rollin'," many fans were excited to finally have an official merchandise from the group.

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Brave Girls merch
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Brave Girls soju glass

However, after ordering and receiving the merchandise, fans took to their social media and online communities to express their disappointment with the quality of the products.

Recently, fans who had purchased Brave Girls' official merchandise posted a series of photos of the products while pointing out their inferior quality.

According to fans, the pictures printed on the merchandise showed lower than expected quality, such as the photos being of poor quality and blurry. Fans added that the photos's quality on the soju glass - which contains a photo of a member - was so low that it was difficult to tell the members apart from a distance.

Brave Girls merch
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Brave Girls acrylic stand

Fans also deemed the acrylic stands and key rings to be disappointing as well.

A set of soju glasses - which contains four glasses - is priced at 55,000 won ($48 USD). While the acrylic stands and keyrings are priced at 18,000 won ($16 USD) and 17,000 won ($15 USD), respectively.

In regards to the beer glasses that contain a silhouette photo of the members, as well as the photocards, fans said that the they were made and drawn "without too much effort."

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Brave Girls merch
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Brave Girls beer glass

As the photos garnered attention and spread to other online communities and social media, Brave Entertainment is receiving criticism from netizens, while others have mentioned asking for a refund.

In addition to the official merchandise, fans are also criticizing the group's label for their lackluster management of Brave Girls and service to fans.

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Back on July 17, Starship Entertainment - in collaboration with Pepsi - released the making film of "Summer Taste," which features Brave Girls' Yujeong and Yuna, alongside Rain, MONSTA X, ATEEZ, and trot singer Young Tak.

In the making film, the participating artists can be seen in a studio as they record an energetic track called "Summer Taste," as part of Starship Entertainment's collaboration campaign with Pepsi, "2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea Campaign."

The campaign aims to deliver a message of hope to people, with the intent of helping them momentarily forget the frustrations experienced by everyday life and feel happiness instead.

Check out the making film here:

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