TWICE Jihyo Earns Praise for Her Visuals Following Release of ‘Yes, I Am Jihyo’

TWICE Jihyo Earns Praise for Her Visuals Following Release of ‘Yes, I Am Jihyo’
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TWICE member Jihyo is gaining praise for her visuals following the release of the teaser for Jihyo's upcoming photobook, "Yes, I am Jihyo." Keep on reading for all the details.

TWICE Jihyo's Visuals Praised Following Release of 'Yes, I Am Jihyo'

On July 26, JYP Entertainment released a teaser video for the upcoming photobook titled "Yes, I am Jihyo." The photobook is of TWICE's main vocal and leader, Jihyo. This is the first time the idol will release a photobook, following in the steps of Tzuyu, Mina, and Sana.

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After just a day, the teaser garnered over 500,000 views, 12,000 likes, and 6,000 comments on YouTube. The female idol shows off her various charms in the video, proving her beauty has risen dramatically since her debut.

With her natural aura, sharp beauty, and big, round, doll-like eyes, and bright smile, Jihyo has captured the heart of ONCEs everywhere.

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A photobook is a perfect opportunity for Jihyo to show off her beauty and personal charms, and she definitely did not disappoint fans!

(Photo : TWICE YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

Whether on stage or behind the scenes, Jihyo always shows off a bright and healthy image, earning her the nickname "Summer Vitamin." Jihyo is seen donning numerous outfits and hairstyles in her personal photobook, confidently showing off her various charms. With her fresh beauty, Jihyo definitely suits the sweet and passionate summer concept.

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Jihyo's honey skin shines, making her look healthy and beautiful. Viewers also praised her figure for being curvy and sexy. Her visuals definitely suit the Western standards of beauty!

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Fans complimented the idol, saying she was at the peak of her beauty. During promotions for "Alcohol-Free" in June, Jihyo was constantly praised for her shining visuals on stage.

She was consistently selected as one of the group's "ending fairy" during promotions, and many believe that the leader of TWICE is an unofficial member of the group's visual line.

Many fans are happy to have witnessed Jihyo's growth and to have seen her beauty bloom. Others complimented Jihyo for being the embodiment of natural beauty, with the ability to look bright and elegant at the same time.

Jihyo is being praised as a female idol who can do anything well and is beautiful in every color.

(Photo : TWICE YouTube (GIF by Alexa Lewis))

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Check out "Yes, I am Jihyo" teaser here:

Pre-orders for "Yes, I am Jihyo" opened on July 26. The photobook will officially be released on August 20, 2021.

TWICE Recent Activities

TWICE is set to release their third Japanese studio album, "Perfect World," today, July 28. The lead single of the same name was released prior to the album on June 29. Other songs in the album include past releases "Kura Kura," "Fanfare," and "Better."

TWICE will release their first full-English digital single in September 2021.

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