TWICE Momo Diet and Workout Routine — Here's How to Get Fit Like the 'Alcohol-Free' Songstress

TWICE member Momo has arguably one of the best bodies in K-pop. Want to know how to get a physique like hers? Then keep on reading!

TWICE Momo's Workout Routine

As TWICE's main dancer, it is no surprise her body is lean and slender. Since she was young, the idol has been dancing, training out Step Out Dance Studio in Japan as a child. She performed as a dancer in Lexy's music video for "Ma People" in 2008 and appeared on "Superstar K" in 2011. Because of that, her body has developed to be naturally fit.

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Nowadays, Momo's workout routine consists of planks and plank twisters. To do this, one must get into the plank position. First, support your body with your forearms, make sure your body is straight, and align your shoulders with your ankles.

While supporting yourself with your forearms, twist your body from left to right. Maintain your position and make sure your hips do not fall. Do you feel the burn?

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Momo claims that this workout not only exercises your core but also works on your shoulder strength. Doing one is hard enough, but Momo actually does three sets of 50 plank twists a day. This means that the "Like OOH-AHH" songstress does 150 plank twists a day! This is how Momo maintains her legendary "11" abs.

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Momo also gets her daily workout in through dance practices and rehearsals. Most groups practice for 9 to 10 hours a day when they have a comeback or promotional activity, and they do so five days a week. Dancing is a fun, fast, and easy way to burn calories, and it helps Momo maintain her weight and burn calories.

TWICE Momo Diet

During a live stream, Momo revealed the dangerous diet she forced herself to do as a trainee. Momo revealed that her agency informed her that she had to lose fifteen pounds before the showcase stage as a trainee. Furthermore, they told her that if she could not do so, she would not be allowed to perform.

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Momo was desperate to get on stage and stopped eating for a week. After that, the idol did not even drink water, resorting to eating one ice cube a day for a week. After that, she would spit out her saliva as she believed it would help shed some weight off her. Additionally, she would go to the gym whenever she had the chance.

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Despite that, she was unable to lose fifteen pounds, and the company gave her three more days. After those three days, she lost weight and was allowed to perform on the showcase. Momo stated that she was afraid for her life while partaking in this diet, saying that she would cry whenever she had to sleep because she feared she would not wake up the next day.

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Momo's diet is much healthier. The idol does not limit what she eats and eats whatever she wants whenever she gets hungry. Back in 2017, J.Y. Park revealed in an episode of SBS's "K-Pop Star" that Momo eats whatever she wants and as much as she wants without worrying about gaining weight.

It is safer to eat what you want and stop when you are full and have a balanced diet.

Will you be trying Momo's exercise and diet? Tell us in the comments below!

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