BTS V Revealed to be the Most-Mentioned K-pop Idol on Twitter in Japan in the First Half of 2021

BTS V has been unveiled as the most-mentioned K-pop idol on Twitter in Japan in the first half of 2021, proving his consistent popularity in the country.

In Japan, the public uses Twipple, which is the Japanese version of Twitter. This platform showcases the most popular people and the hottest topics related to them in the country.

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On Aug. 1, Twipple released the celebrity rankings for July 2021, along with the rankings for the first half of 2021, which both show the accumulated Twitter mentions in a certain period.

On both Twipple rankings, BTS V was the only K-pop idol inside the Top 5.

BTS V is the Most-Mentioned K-pop Idol on Twipple Japan in the First Half of 2021

Based on the celebrity rankings on Twipple for July 2021, BTS V is the third-most famous artist in Japan.

A total of 197,760 tweets about him were collected within the said month, making Taehyung the most-mentioned K-pop idol on Twipple in July.

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Sitting at No. 5 on the list is BTS, with 190,110 total tweets. His fellow members also entered the Top 10 of the Twipple Japan rankings for July 2021.

Jungkook placed sixth with 182,690 tweets, Jimin grabbed the No. 9 spot with 154,390 tweets, and Suga ranked tenth with 134,740 tweets.

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On the Twipple Japan rankings for the first half of 2021, BTS V once again reigned as the most popular K-pop idol.

Based on the list, BTS member V also ranked third with a total of 1,165,140 Twitter mentions from January to July 2021. This makes him the most-mentioned K-pop idol in the first half of 2021.

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Kim Taehyung follows Japanese groups SixTONES at No. 1 and SexyZone at No. 2. This only shows that the Korean artist is the highest-ranking soloist on Twipple Japan, surpassing other Japanese celebrities.

In counting the Twitter mentions, BTS V's real name "Taehyung" was not counted, nevertheless, he still managed to rank high as usual.

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Notably, Kim Taehyung has no special activities as an artist other than his group schedules in BTS, and yet, he is the most-mentioned K-pop idol on Twitter in Japan.

Not to mention, BTS member V has been soaring high on Twipple among foreign artists for 19 months already, starting from January 2020.

BTS V Shares How Long He Wrote His Solo Track "Snow Flower"

In other news, Weverse Magazine recently released interviews with each BTS member in the past week. They revealed their interview with V on July 29.

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

During the interview with Weverse Magazine, BTS V discussed his 2020 song "Snow Flower," which features his friend Peakboy.

Kim Taehyun shared that he wrote "Snow Flower" because he felt sorry for the delay in the release of his mixtape. He added that he penned the lyrics for the track in only three hours.

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After this revelation, ARMYs (BTS's fan club) praised the idol, and "Snow Flower" started trending on Twitter.

(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Fans also talked about BTS V's answer when asked about how his other written song, "Blue & Grey," will be remembered.

Taehyung answered that "Blue & Grey" will be remembered as the song that conveys how he and his bandmates feel, including the pains they had during their growth process.

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