KDOL Releases Top 20 'Most Popular K-pop Idols' for the Third Week of July

KDOL Releases Top 20 "Most Popular K-pop Idols" for the Third Week of July
(Photo : Jeongyeon, Jimin, Lisa (Instagram))

Global K-pop idols including BTS V, EXO Baekhyun, TWICE Tzuyu, BLACKPINK Lisa, and more dominated KDOL's weekly ranking for the most popular stars! Keep reading to know who made it in the top 20!

On the latest rankings of KDOL released on July 26, the top 20 "Most Popular K-pop Idols" for the third week of July were revealed.

In particular, KDOL, also known as K-Dol, is a global K-pop idol popularity voting service that can be accessed in various countries around the world. 100 percent of the reflected results are based on user votes from the domestic and international fanbase, including the U.S., Japan, Southeast Asia, and Korea.

Through the platform, it aggregates real-time votes for K-pop idols and resets them daily at midnight in Korea, adding daily, weekly, and monthly rankings and all votes to the Hall of Fame through cumulative votes of this ranking. K-Dol also allows users to see the global popularity of K-pop idols on a real-time basis.

V is the Most Popular Idol for the Third Week of July, BTS Members Dominated the List

KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : BTS Instagram)

According to KDOL on the 26th, "BTS V topped the weekly ranking with the most hearts in the third week of July on the global K-pop idol popularity voting service app, KDOL."

V received 39, 420, 863 hearts, proving his unwavering popularity around the globe. In the same platform, he's also currently sitting on the No.2 spot for July monthly rankings on K-Dol, raising anticipation if he will be able to make a new record in the monthly rankings following his incredible weekly ranks.

Trailing behind V then is BTS Jimin, who had been at the top for 49 consecutive weeks. The main dancer of the group lost to his co-member after receiving 37,426,085 hearts, about 2 million hearts behind V.

  KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : BTS Instagram)

As for the other members, BTS proved that they are currently the "Biggest Boy Group in the World," as all of the remaining members also entered the top 20.

Jin followed V and Jimin at No. 5, Jungkook at No. 6, J-Hope at No. 9, Suga at No. 11, and RM at No. 14.

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EXO Baekhyun, TWICE Tzuyu, BLACKPINK Lisa, and More: Which K-pop Idols Entered KDOL's Top 20 "Most Popular K-pop Idols?"

Aside from BTS, male idols from EXO, ENHYPEN, and ASTRO reigned in the list.

KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : EXO Instagram)

EXO Baekhyun ranked No. 3 in the rankings, along with D.O. at No. 18, who is about to drop his solo album, "Empathy" today (July 26).

KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : Eunwoo Instagram)

ASTRO Cha Eunwoo entered at No. 7, while ENHYPEN members including Jungwon (No.12), Ni-Ki (No.13), and Heesung (No. 18), also got into the list as the only rookie idols.

For the female idols, BLACKPINK, Red Velvet, and TWICE members swept spots in the Top 20.

KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Starting with TWICE, Tzuyu attained the highest rank for a female idol, ranking No. 5 following V, Jimin, Baekhyun, and Jin. Mina then entered the Top 10 at No. 9, while Jeongyeon completed the Top 20 at No. 20.

KDOL Releases Top 20
(Photo : BLACKPINK Instagram)

For BLACKPINK all members aside Rosé entered the list, while Wendy is the only Red Velvet member to make it into the top 20, ranking at No. 16.

Here's the Complete Top 20 Rankings:

2.BTS Jimin
3.EXO Baekhyun
4.BTS Jin
5.TWICE Tzuyu
6.BTS Jungkook
7.ASTRO Eunwoo
8.BTS J-Hope
9.TWICE Mina
11.BTS Suga
12.ENHYPEN Jungwon
16.Red Velvet Wendy
18.ENHYPEN Heesung
19.EXO D.O.
20. TWICE Jeongyeon

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