'Girls Planet 999' Episode 2 Teaser: Units from K, C, and J Groups + Cover Songs by MAMAMOO, Chungha And More

Mnet unveiled the teaser video for "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2, showing the upcoming performances viewers can expect in the next broadcast.

On Aug. 12, Mnet uploaded a preview of the second episode of their new girl group survival show. The three-minute video presents a snippet of the stages of three units from the K, C, and J groups.

Girls Planet 999
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"Girls Planet 999" Episode 2 Teaser: Units from K, C, and J Groups to Perform Songs by Chungha, MAMAMOO, and More

In the newly released teaser video for "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2, a unit from the K-Group first took the stage. The group consists of familiar participants in the Korean entertainment industry, particularly current or former members of different girl groups.

Girls Planet 999
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Kim Hyerim

The "Girls Planet 999" unit consists of Kim Doah, Kim Hyerim, Yoo Dayeon, and Lee Sunwoo. Kim Doah is current a member of FANATICS and its sub-unit, FLAVOR.

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Kim Hyerim is a former member of Limesoda and AQUA, and is a previous contestant in "K-pop Star 6: The Last Chance." While Yoo Dayeon is a former member of LIPBUBBLE, Lee Sunwoo is a pre-debut member of EVERMORE MUSE.

Girls Planet 999
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Kim Doah

Moreover, Yoo Dayeon also previously competed in "Show Me the Money 9," while Lee Sunwoo appeared on KBS2's "Top 10 Student."

In "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2, the quartet from K-Group will perform "Wow Thing" by Seulgi, Chungha, SinB, and Soyeon.

Girls Planet 999
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Kubo Reina

After the K-Group, a unit of four from J-Group came out next - it comprises Sakamoto Shihona, Ando Rinka, Oki Fuka, and Kubo Reina.

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"Girls Planet 999" Japanese contestant Ando Rinka is a former member of CoCoPoP, while Kubo Reina was part of Prizmmy and a previous student of EXPG Lab.

Girls Planet 999
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Ando Rinka

This unit from J-Group will be performing MAMAMOO's "Gogobebe" during the broadcast of "Girls Planet 999" Episode 2.

The teaser video for the upcoming episode of Mnet's new girl group survival show ended with a quick look on the solo stage of Su Ruiqi, a former participant in "Produce 101 China" and "CHUANG 2020." In addition to this, she debuted as a soloist in August 2019.

Girls Planet 999
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Su Ruiqi

Su Ruiqi will be showcasing a performance of Chungha's "Snapping" in the next broadcast of "Girls Planet 999."

Meanwhile, Girls Planet 999" Episode 2 will be broadcast at 8:20 p.m. KST on Friday, Aug. 13.

Which of these three stages from the K, C, and J groups are you anticipating?

Mnet Reveals Millions of Viewers Tuned into "Girls Planet 999" Episode 1

In other news, Mnet unveiled on Aug. 11 the number of people who watched the premiere of their new girl group survival show "Girls Planet 999" through various platforms.

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Mnet shared that a total of 2.22 million people was recorded on Aug. 6. The viewers come from different countries including Japan, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and more.

Girls Planet 999
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During the broadcast, the names of K-pop masters (Tiffany and Sunmi) and "Girls Planet 999" contestants such as Yujin Choi and Kawaguchi Yurina were trending in the top spots on Twitter.

On Aug. 9, Mnet revealed that the cumulative number of views of the "Girls Planet 999" videos on YouTube reached more than 62.66 million as of that day.

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