Hyeongseop x Euiwoong Fan Café to Officially Close, Speculated to Debut in Yuehua Entertainment's New Boy Group

Hyeongseop and Euiwoong's fan cafe will be officially closed this month, resulting in speculations that they might debut in Yuehua Entertainment's new boy group.

On Aug. 13, Yuehua Entertainment posted a notice on their official social media accounts, announcing the closure of Hyeongseop x Euiwoong's fan café on Aug. 17.

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, also known as Yuehua Project, is a pre-debut duo that has released two project albums.

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
(from left to right) Euiwoong and Hyeongseop

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong Speculated to Debut in Yuehua Entertainment's New Boy Group as Their Fan Café is Set to Close

In the posted notice, Yuehua Entertainment began their statement by expressing their gratitude to the fans who have supported and waited for Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, starting from the release of "The Moment of Memory" in November 2017 and until the "Color of Dream" in April 2018.

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Yuehua Entertainment continued, "We are asking for your unwavering support and love for Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, who is about to start a new chapter," raising expectations that their official debut will be underway soon.

Hyeongseop x Euiwoong
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
(from left to right) Euiwoong and Hyeongseop

Previously, Ahn Hyeongseop and Lee Euiwoong participated in Mnet's "Produce 101 Season 2," which ended in June 2017, and formed the boy group WANNA ONE.

In Mnet's "Produce 101 Season 2," Hyeongseop and Euiwoong finished in 16th and 23rd places, respectively, thus failing to be included in the final 11 trainees who will debut as WANNA ONE.

Ahn Hyeongseop
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
Ahn Hyeongseop

The two trainees then made their pre-debut as Hyeongseop x Euiwoong in November 2017 with their first project album, "The Moment of Memory."

In April of the following year, the duo released their second project album "Color of Dream" and performed more activities. Their official debut, however, was not confirmed.

Lee Euiwoong
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
Lee Euiwoong

But then, on June 8, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong's label applied for trademark rights for "Tempest," "TEMPEST," and "TPST," giving rise to speculation that these terms might be the name of Yuehua Entertainment's new boy group.

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In addition to this, Yuehua Entertainment uploaded an intriguing video on Nov. 26, 2020 to the official Instagram account of the rookie team. The clip shows male trainees practicing at the agency.

I-LAND Hanbin
(Photo : Twitter: @HANBIN_twt_)

Furthermore, on June 2 this year, it was announced that former Belift Lab trainee Hanbin, who competed in Mnet's I-LAND, has joined Yuehua. This resulted in many speculating that he might also debut in the company's new boy group.

Would you like Hyeongseop, Euiwoong, and Hanbin to debut in Yuehua Entertainment's new boy group? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

A Few Facts about Ahn Hyeongseop and Lee Euiwoong

Ahn Hyeongseop trained for one year and five months before participating in Mnet's "Produce 101 Season 2." He was the only trainee under Yuehua Entertainment who made it to the Top 20.

Ahn Hyeongseop
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
Ahn Hyeongseop

Before becoming a Yuehua trainee, Hyeongseop initially trained under Big Hit Entertainment (now called HYBE). Not to mention, his role model is BTS Jimin.

Hyeongseop also became a lead character in the web drama "Mischievous Detectives," alongside Apink's Namjoo and "Produce 101" co-trainee Yoo Seonho.

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Meanwhile, Lee Euiwoong trained for only nine months before joining "Produce 101 Season 2."

Lee Euiwoong
(Photo : Instagram: @yuehua_project)
Lee Euiwoong

Before pursuing his dream of becoming an idol, Euiwoong first appeared in the drama "Hello Counselor."

Following his appearance on "Hello Counselor," Euiwoong received love calls from many entertainment agencies, and that's when he decided to become a trainee.

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