BLACKPINK Jennie, BTS V, and More are the Most Expensive Idols in Advertisements, According to Media Outlet

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A popular Vietnamese labor and economic media outlet, Bao Lao Dong, recently published an article in which they selected the K-Pop idols who are the most expensive when it comes to advertisements and commercials, based on the idols' huge influence, their number of fans, and how the brands that they have represented have seen a huge increase in their sales.

According to Bao Lao Dong, these idols are the most expensive in advertisements!


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South Korea's "It" girl and BLACKPINK member, Jennie, is an idol who has a great amount of influence on her fans from all around the world. Nicknamed as the "Human Chanel" and "Human Gucci" for her fashion sense, Jennie has modeled for numerous luxury brands such as Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Gucci, among many others. 

In fact, she became the house ambassador for Chanel after the luxury brand saw the "Jennie effect," with numerous of her photos, outfits, items, and more, becoming trends immediately - showing off her selling power as items sell out in just minutes or hours.

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Jennie has also topped the monthly individual girl group brand power rankings numerous times, showing off her brand recognition and marketing power. 

Back in 2019, Jennie even topped Forbes' Korea Power Celebrity - a list that names the most powerful celebrities in South Korea from different fields - and was acknowledged as someone who has a foothold on the country's beauty trends.

In addition, it was reported that soju brand, Chum Churum, suffered losses due to the pandemic. But after Jennie became the face of the brand, Chum Churum saw a 14 to 15 percent increase in their sales, showing just how powerful Jennie is! 

2. BTS V

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V is an idol who has outstanding brand power just like Jennie. According to the media outlet, many have said that the presence of any BTS member in advertisements or commercials immediately creates an attraction for the product, which is absolutely true considering BTS fans - collectively known as ARMY - even bought a car for them!

Back in 2019, BTS became the models for Hyundai's Palisade, and in no time at all, the car basically became out of stock that Hyundai had to backlog the car's sales and customers would have to wait six to ten months to receive the car.

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Besides getting a car sold out - which is difficult to top, by the way - V also unintentionally causes an out of stock madness with the products he uses, such as clothing and cosmetics, among many other items, even if he's just in the background or the product he's using can barely be seen!

In addition to getting products sold out and being in high demand to model and represent a brand or product, V is also the most in-demand actor in South Korea due to his strong influence and great skills. Despite having only starred in one drama, V has been getting numerous love calls from production companies!

3. Suzy

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South Korea's "first love" and former miss A member, Suzy, is also one of the most expensive idols when it comes to advertisements and commercials. 

In fact, Suzy is one of the most in-demand endorsers in the country, being dubbed as the "CF Queen" after securing numerous endorsements deals for a variety of products, such as for clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and even sugar!

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Back in 2013, the idol-turned-actress earned 10 billion won (around $8.5 million USD) in endorsements alone, having more modeled and promoted more than 14 brands and products in just one year. Besides that, she also caused products to go out of stock.

With Suzy starring in numerous popular K-Dramas, it is no wonder that her appearance fee is high!

4. Girls' Generation YoonA

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Last on the list as one of the most expensive K-Pop idols in advertisements and commercials is Girls' Generation's YoonA! 

Just like Suzy, YoonA is also known as the "CF Queen" after appearing in numerous commercials and being the spokesperson or face of various brands. In fact, she was even credited by CNN as a household name in the Asia-Pacific region, with her influence helping K-Beauty brands seeing success outside of South Korea.

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With YoonA's influence, she was able to even cause waffle makers to go out of stock after showing the product in a program, also making it the most-searched keyword.

With her title as the "CF Queen," YoonA continues to be in-demand with a high appearance fee, especially with her appearing in popular K-Dramas as well!

With these idols having amazing influence on products, it's no wonder they are the most expensive when it comes to advertisements!

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